Achievements of Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards studied economics in Cambridge University. Graham Edwards has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium Company. He started serving as the CEO of Telereal company in 2001. He performs the strategic planning role of the company.

Due to his great qualification, he was nominated as the new chairman of the Telereal Trillium company. He assumed office in April, this year. With Graham Edwards in the Chairman position, much production is expected from the company.

Trillium was founded in 1997. The main goal was to acquire the Department for Works and Pension portfolio. In 2002, Telereal was established as a 50/50 partnership with William Pears Ltd. Later in 2009, Trillium was bought by Telereal from the Land Securities and Telereal Trillium was created.

Telereal Trillium is a privately owned company. It is located in United Kingdom with its headquater offices in London. This company does well in managing risks.

Graham Edwards Telereal offers consultation services to the B Pears Trust. He has held position as the Fund Manager of Merrill Lynch Asset Management. He was once an employee of BT Group Plc. He is the Director of Trillium Holdings Limited.

He also helps in directing the Flagstaff 2 Ltd company. He simultaneously directs Flagstaff 1 Ltd and Antham 1 Ltd. He also holds a Chief Executive Officer Position in Talisman Global Asset Management.


Graham Edwards has membership in the following organizations;

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • UK Society of Investment Professionals

He is a great leader and has brought transformation in Telereal Trillium Company. Graham Edwards has lead the company to rising to the top in terms of marketing. He has lead the company to making great returns.

Graham Edwards is Known due to his great success in business. He is in Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as a Fellow member. Graham Edwards deals with the following areas in business;

  • Mining
  • Software development
  • Real estate

He actively contributes towards community growth and enjoys offering service to his community. Graham Edwards is a board member of the following groups;

  • One Voice Europe
  • Portland Trust
  • British Friends of the Hebrew university.