The internet turned almost everyone into a writer, and it’s not surprising that every other person has a blog. If you are one of these budding writers, here are some pointers from White Shark Media on how to utilize your SEO to get landing pages.

Most writing stems from the fact that the scribe wants to communicate to the outside world.


It is quite difficult to do this if you don’t have the keywords to reach your audience. Making sure that the article has the right SEO keywords almost gets the job done. The following advice by White Shark Media will ensure that your search engine will be pointing the right target audience to your website;




Be sure to select the right keywords and avoid overusing it. According to White Shark Media, all you need to remember is:


  • Repeat the SEO keyword at least two or three times in the content.


  • Avoid over repeating your keyword in the content. You can repeat it just two or three times.


  • Ensure that the keyword is also in the images you will use for the content.


  • Make sure the keyword is in the page title.


  • Always include the keyword in the headline.


  • Place your keyword in the Meta description.




  • Research the right keyword for your content. Start by typing the different types of keywords that are relevant to the content on the search engine by reviewing the SERPs and then choose the most relevant one. According to White Shark Media, you may use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Trends, and Word Stream to determine the right one.


  • Put your keywords into clusters and choose the best one. Start by placing them in lists, group them and then you can finally cluster them before determining the right one.


  • Ensure that your keywords can be titles and headlines. Use them as solving words or questions in the title or subtitles.


  • Find out synonyms of the keywords and include them in the content and headline thus ensuring that your search engine picks up an array of words during SEO.


  • Search engines also pick up search queries. So make sure that the keyword is included in the search box and various positions which you can highlight in the content.




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