How Does Making Money With The Traveling Vineyard Work?

The Traveling Vineyard allows you to be a Wine Guide and promote their products. It’s a little confusing to know how it works and what is going on with this business. Here’s a quick rundown with how the Traveling Vineyard does business.

They pay out about three times in a month, so it’s pretty rewarding and they definitely love to payout very often to their Wine Guides to ensure that they are giving them the money they deserve throughout the weeks. They like to put it simply that you are not selling that wine but more so marketing that wine, and so they decided to call your fee a “personal marketing fee.”

How much can you earn? You can earn as much as you want, but the average that majority of them make on average is anywhere between $80-$100 from a single wine tasting event. This is from selling a decent number of wine. Don’t forget, however, that it’s all about making sure that you have the possibility to make so much more by having multiple events throughout the week and even having others sell under you. Wine Guides have the ability to build a team and have others promote the Traveling Vineyard wine products under your name. In other words, you will earn a decent amount from all of their sales. It’s very rewarding and the money can come rolling in consistently as you have more events and improve your skills in this industry. You have all the power to grow.