Producer Lawrence Bender’s Path to Success in the Film Industry

Lawrence Bender is one of the most well-known American film producers of this generation. He is known for his work on films such as Anna and the King, Good Will Hunting, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Inglorious Bastards. He has also worked on several Quentin Tarantino movies, including Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. He got his start in the ‘80s working on the series Tales from the Darkside. His first major role as a producer was none other than the incredible Tarantino movie Reservoir Dogs. This movie is still considered incredibly relevant in today’s movie community. He met Tarantino and was given the script before the two decided they wanted to work together to produce the movie. The movie saw massive success and helped establish Quentin Tarantino’s legendary film writing and directing skills as well as establishing Lawrence Bender as a successful producer.

The two synced up again to work on the movie Pulp Fiction. The film focuses on the hard-boiled detective genre that was incredibly popular in the 1950s. The movie focused on criminal life in Las Angeles. When it first was released the movie got mixed reviews due to how edgy it was and the volume of violence and profanity. However, the movie was still incredibly popular and today is known for its cult-like following. It is now still referred to in movie history as creating a groundbreaking wave within the firm community.

Lawrence Bender is also known for making small cameo roles within several of his firms. He also produced an unprecedented documentary that granularly detailed the environmental client change and the damage it is doing to our environment. The film was called An Inconvenient Truth and the year it was released it won the prestigious Academy Award for Best Documentary. He has also won several academy awards for his more mainstream films and has been nominated 29 times. Lawrence bender is a native of The Bronx and grew up in New Jersey prior than attending college at the University of Maine where he majored in civil engineering, the same occupation that his grandfather had.