Waiakea Water Utilizes Natural Purification for Healthy Bottled Drinking Water

When Ryan Emmons visited his uncle in the busy farms of Hawaii on one afternoon, he did not know that the visit would transform him into becoming one of the youngest chief executive officers in the world. Of course, many of us would agree that it is almost impossible to come across a 25-year-old whose startup has taken over the world of bottled water business by impacting 700 million consumers.

Who is Ryan Emmons and how is he Connected to Waiakea Water?

Emmons is not only the founder but also the chief executive officer of the famous Waiakea Hawaiian Water. Having started his business in his early 20’s, he had the chance to brainstorm several ideas while in college. Luckily, he had the right pointers in business making him the man who disrupted the water manufacturing industry with a bang.

Waiakea Water

Hardly is Waiakea your typical brand of bottled water. The brand is not just sourced from an organic outlet. It is involved in numerous global sustainability efforts. With the help of its founder, Ryan Emmons, the company has taken tremendous steps towards advocating for environmental safety during the manufacture of water.

Bringing Waiakea Water to Life

Ryan Emmons was raised in California and Hawaii. He always enjoyed the beautiful surrounding nature that led him to develop a deeper liking for the environment and healthy living. In one of his environmental excursions, he found himself admiring a bountiful water source. That thought marked the onset of a revolutionary idea that has since transformed his life and that of Waiakea’s consumers.

Supporting Africa

With the proceeds from Waiakea, he supports charitable efforts. This idea originated from his past work experiences in Africa. Currently, he is using this idea to brand Waiakea Water to develop a concept that supports Africans by providing them with sustainable water sources.

Where does Waiakea Come From?

Waiakea is alkaline water originating from the Mauna Loa. Because the area experiences rain for 360 days out of 365 days, the volcano is always flowing constantly. Waiakea sips its purification from the flowing water as it has nutrients.

The General Observation

Waiakea utilizes revolutionary technology alongside the unique filtration process that allows it to consume minerals from its source.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Providing High-Class Medical Care to Her Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among the few women aesthetic surgeons who have made a mark in the medical field. She has worked in New York before returning to her hometown in Austin where she started the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin. Being a single mom by choice, she has beautifully balanced her medical career with looking after her twin sons Houston and Rex.

Ever since starting her center in Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden has become one of the best the city has ever seen. Using modern and the most advanced technology, she has been able to bring the greatest aesthetic surgery techniques to the people here. She specializes in many different techniques, including Botox, liposuction, brow lifts, breast augmentation and also non-invasive laser treatments. What sets her apart from other surgeons is her use of technology in her work. She also develops her instruments for her surgeries that are also available to other surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also became one of the first surgeons in the area to use ThermiVA that are used for vaginal tightening. While most people think that they are used for aesthetic purposes, they are also used to treat many discomforts like menopausal atrophy and stress incontinence. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, plastic surgery is not just about changing the appearance of the body parts, but it is also about restoring the confidence of people by helping people with deformity live a normal life.

Dr. Jennifer Walden helps build relationships with her patients so that they are comfortable throughout the procedure. It is also essential for her to discuss the expectant results with her patients before starting any medical procedure. Using her years of experience working with the world’s best plastic surgeon, she has been able to provide the top-quality care to her patients using the latest technology equipment at her center.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Impressive Resume

A well known business man and entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has been making a name for himself for quite some time. Co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a leading technology company, Lefkofsky has started and built a number of successful businesses over the years. His determination and passion for excellence are signs that he and his work will be around for some time to come.

Lefkofsky is a Michigan native. Born to a mom who was a school teacher and a father who worked as an engineer, Lefkofsky learned about value of hard work from a young age. After watching his parents for years, he eventually chose to attend the University of Michigan where he earned his degree in 1991. Just two years later he continued on at University of Michigan Law School where Eric Lefkofsky earned his Juris Doctor. His education would be the spring board for what would come next in his life.

Lefkofsky would begin working in the business world. Along with his close friend Brad Keywell, Lefkofsky created Brandon Apparel, an apparel company based out of Wisconsin. Next, Lefkofsky and Keywell started an Internet company called Starbelly that specialized in promotional products. Then in 2001, the duo co-founded InnerWorkings, a n organization that provided print procurement services for mid-sized companies. Four years later he would start a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics.

Lefkofsky started many companies bun not were quite as impressive as ThePoint.com. This website later became known by the more popular Groupon.com. Groupon achieved massive success, so much so it received a more than six billion dollar buyout offer from Google. The company however would not be sold and would go on to have continued success. Just the next year Groupon raised $950 million in private funding to learn more: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20161001/ISSUE01/310019995/can-eric-lefkofsky-save-your-life click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is also a faithful giver. He and his wife, formed a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. This group gives to causes that support both educational and scientific causes. Eric Lefkofsky has proven to be a great business man. He is sure to be around for many more years to come.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Creates System to Treat Sleep Apnea

Avi Weisfogel, DDS is the creator of the Dental Sleep Masters Model. Sleep treatment is a relatively new area of science that many dentists are becoming interested in. Using oral appliances to help alleviate sleep problems is becoming more and more popular. It has been reported that 90 percent of people with obstructive sleep apnea are not even aware of their condition.

Dr. Weisfogel’s goal was to use a tested practice model to help dentists diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Sleep apnea is related to serious conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. By increasing the diagnose procedures, more people can get the help they need to stay healthy for a longer period of time.

The new system created has helped both primary and secondary care physicians to identify the condition more often as well. Physicians and dentists alike can help offer clinical support to suffers of sleep apnea. As more things are discovered, it is believed that the opportunities in the field will increase. As new devices evolve, more people will respond positively to them and therefore the industry will grow.

Most earlier devices were too large and bulky to help suffers, because they were uncomfortable. As they get smaller and smaller, there will be more demand for the devices.

Dr. Weisfogel established his own dental practice in 1989. He managed the office for over 15 years. During this time, he began researching sleep problems and how dentists could help patients get better sleep. He started several companies related to the sleep disorder problem.

In 2014. Dr. Avi Weisfogel started Dental Sleep Masters. He holds seminars and workshops to help dentists and physicians learn about the benefits of the treatments available. He earned a BA Degree in biology from Rutgers. He earned is DDS from New York University.