The Journey OSI Group Has Taken To Become A Top Global Food Processor

The OSI Food Solutions is one of the top value addition companies when it comes to food processing. The company deals with custom food development and food supply management on a global scale. They carry out the entire process from sourcing the food, processing, distribution and delivery of the end product. OSI Food Solutions currently has more than 20,000 employees in 17 countries around the world. The journey that this company has taken to get to this level of success is an inspiration to business leaders who want to create global brand and leave a legacy in their line of business.

OSI Food Solutions was started in 1909 as a meat market and butcher shop owned by Otto and Sons. The aim of the original founder of the brand was to supply meat and meat products to local cliente. However, in 1955, the company was selected to be MacDonald’s supplier of fresh beef. This was the turning point for the business because the management started seeing the untapped potential in the supply of processed meat and other products. They opened a plant that was dedicated to supplying meat to McDonald’s. By the late seventies, the company was making strategies on how to expand into Europe and other parts of the world.

The management of the company is one of the reasons behind its massive success. In 1973, when the company was looking for ways to expand their capacity and reach more consumers, a suggestion was made to them that they take in their financial advisor as part of their leadership team. It took time before the advisor warmed up to the idea of being part of management team. However, when Sheldon Lavin came on board, he was able to make changes that have led to the success of this company.

OSI Food Solutions has been stepping up their efforts to increase their distribution network. Recently, they purchased the Tyson Food Plant and they are hoping to use it to expand their capacity. The company has also acquired Baho food. The company has also invested in technology that is helping them scale up their chicken production capacity in Spain. This move is meant to help them increase their presence in the country, and as a gateway to the regional market. They are also thinking about strengthening market in Asian and African markets. With these and other plans, the company will see further expansion and success in the future.

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