The New Equities First Holdings Office In Australia

Equities First Holdings is a fast growing financial securities business that has offices all over the world. They have been branching out into many countries and Australia is its latest acquisition. With three locations, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, they are letting people see how lucrative the market in Australia is. The Chief Executive Officer of the company has recently stated that this move allows them to expand their clientele and obtain further financial lending partners. Many businesses that are opening in the country are finding that much funding is needed to get their company started.

In order to make improvements on existing structures, loans need to be had. Without many assets, a company cannot secure the loan it needs. But, Equities First Holdings has been able to secure funding by using a companies stocks as collateral. This method of obtaining funds seems to be working with lenders and more and more businesses are choosing to use this as a way to expand their companies. Equities First Holdings is one of the only financial adviser companies to use this method. The Australian economy is continuing to grow and there are companies around the world that are looking to move there. Obtaining easy loans is one reason.

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Anil Chaturvedi- Understanding This India’s Leading Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker boasting over four decades experience working with some of the globally renowned banks. He has a specialty in private and corporate banking, corporate advisory business, and investment banking. Anil has a unique focus on cross-border trade between India and Europe. Having studied at Meerut University, India, from 1970-1973, Anil graduated with Bachelor of Arts and honors in Economics. Upon completing his first degree in 1973, he joined Delhi University the same year where he received an MBA in Financial Management.

Anil has held multiple positions with many prestigious global banks. Currently, he is the managing director of Hinduja Bank and serves as the bank’s managing director in Geneva Area, Switzerland. As the bank’s managing director, he is responsible for crafting a corporate advisory plan, which entails cross-border business between corporates in USA, Asia, Europe, and India. Anil has extensive knowledge in merger and acquisitions, credit syndication, international organizations as well as the restructuring of depleted assets. From 1993 10 2011, he worked as the managing director of Merrill Lynch, a multinational bank serving nations in several destinations across the world. He served as the bank’s managing director of the larger New York City area. He then became the leading private banker catering for Indians situated in Europe, India, USA, and Asia. This is before working as the Vice President and a senior representative of the US operations at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York. For the two years he worked for the bank, he was in charge of product development marketing, compliance issues regulatory and in charge of developing leadership and creating a rewarding model for the bank. His banking career started at State Bank of India, where he worked as the bank’s manager for development and planning.


Besides being a globally renowned banker with a despicable record of providing tailor-made investment solutions particularly for net worth individuals, Anil has been a top advisor in some of the world’s leading wealth management companies. Moreover, he has taken part in investment forums for opportunities for European companies in India.

Learning About Smart Retirement Planning from Industry Expert David Giertz

David Giertz is an expert in retirement planning. He has decades of experience providing insight into retirement planning. David Giertz provides his clients with strategies that help to control their future. A lot of people get into retirement without the necessities to sail through it smoothly. In fact, most of them wait until they dive into retirement to begin saving only to fail miserably. Failing to plan results in failure. It’s wise to plan for retirement early enough to avoid future predicaments. Here are a few incredible tips from David Giertz, a financial expert.

Regardless of how much you earn, always note that saving for retirement is never easy. It’s pretty hard to estimate the amount of money you will need to cover your entire retirement life. Acknowledging that you will probably spend more than your earning, it’s wise to save enough money to take you through the entire retirement period. It would be advisable to keep some of your savings into retirement accounts. However, if reflect on your monthly paycheck, you will realise that your savings may not sustain you for the entire period. As such, you may consider having other income opportunities to enhance financial stability way before you retire. Your financial stability depends on your investments. Investment can be an alternative to earn an extra coin.

About David Giertz

David Giertz boasts of over three decades of experience in the progressive financial services industry. While serving as the President of Nationwide, David Giertz helped the company to grow from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in profitable revenue. Besides, David Giertz is a Certified Business Coach with the WABC.

David Giertz began his career journey at Citigroup as a financial advisor before joining Nationwide. Here, he made his way up to the position of the company’s Area Director and ultimately the Executive Vice President of Sale for surpassing the industry expectation. David Giertz went to the University of Miami and Millikin University to pursue an MBA and BS respectively. David Giertz brings his idea to life by working with the right people.