The U.S. Money Reserve Has Released A Spectacular Commemorative Coin For Queen Elizabeth II

The exclusive United States 65th anniversary Perth Mint coronation set has been released by the U.S. Money Reserve. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was broadcast to over 300 million people all over the world on June 2nd of 1953. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

After the years of war, she brought hope to the people. After 65 years, Australia’s Perth Mint and the U.S. Money Reserve have partnered to commemorate this important day in history.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 2018 coin set includes a 1 ounce silver proof coin, a 1/4 ounce gold proof coin and a 2 ounce gold proof coin. The Perth Mint struck these coins from 99.99% pure silver and 99.99% pure gold.

The 2 ounce gold proof coins have a very low mintage of only 250 coins. The U.S. Money Reserve is exclusively offering 203 complete sets. The CEO of the Perth Mint is Richard Hayes. He spoke of the pride he takes in the global partnership with the U.S. Money Reserve. He stated their commitment to excellence makes them an excellent partner.

The U.S. Reserve has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in the past. In 2016 they released the 90th Birthday Proof Coin Set for Queen Elizabeth II. In 2017, the 2oz.

Platinum Coin commemorating the Royal Wedding’s 70 anniversary followed. The U.S. Reserve was also the exclusive distributor in the United States for the coin series commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

The reverse side of the 65th Anniversary Coronation Coin depicts the British monarchy’s defining symbol, St. Edwards crown. The symbol is on top of a stylized shield. The design is complimented by Australia’s golden wattle. This the country’s emblem and the official flower of every territory and state in Australia.

The design includes the P mark of the Perth Mint, the dates and the inscription for Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II wore the same crown made for King Charles II’s coronation in 1661. The television viewers were stunned by the intricate embroidery showcasing the yellow wattle flower.

The PCGS or the Professional Coin Grading Service has designated this coin with the First Strike label. This is the highest certified grade available. This means the coin is near flawless Proof 69 or museum quality Proof 70.

The coin also includes an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. This is a one year only design, highly collectible and legal tender coin struck from pure silver or gold.

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The IRS is please with the US Money Reserve

Many people in the United States of America are currently petrified of the amount they owe on their taxes for the 2017 year. These people are scouring the internet to find ways to lower what they all so that they can afford it somehow.

The US Reserve has released an article that details how each and every one of us can easily lower our tax costs while also preparing for the future.

They begin by telling the reader to open up an IRA account that can be used to save up for retirement. They then recommend you open up multiple retirement accounts in order to get the maximum benefit. The IRS will allow you to get each of the following benefits for each retirement account, and as you’ll see, this adds up to be quite a lot.

As long as you open up an IRA before the April 17 deadline then you are allowed to count this investment as if it was occurring in the 2017 year. This is essential since many people only have a few days to prepare for their taxes.

The first thing you want to do is donate the maximum allowed for your IRA. For most people who are under 50 years old the maximum amount of money they can contribute to the IRA is $5500. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

This counts as untaxed income and is often enough to lower somebody into the smaller tax area. This can also be used to set up an IRA for spouse who is no longer working or for some reason decided to stay at home.

Once you begin doing that you want to fill out the proper form of the IRS in order to get that money returned to you as credit. This is what’s known as the saver’s credit clause.

Depending on multiple different factors, you can receive anywhere between 10% to 50% of the $5500 back as credit. This means you literally make $2250 and save up for your retirement. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

In addition, you should sign the document so your tax return will go straight to your IRA. This allows you to get additional credits which can not only pay off what you owe but also go into your bank account if there’s any excess.

The last thing that they recommend doing this to back your IRA with precious metals which stand against inflation well indeed.