Fabletics Is Leading the Way With Their Original Marketing Strategies Again

Fabletics has always been a pioneer in the fashion industry. They are always coming up with new marketing strategies, and they are always leading the way when it comes to marketing in general. This can be clearly seen from the way they are leveraging the power of the crowd to increase sales and grow their business.


Fabletics is one of the brands that are capitalizing on the way people trust online reviews and on how consumers do research online. Since Fabletics was launched in 2013, it grew by over two hundred percent, and it is now worth well over two hundred and fifty million dollars. They also have one million active paying subscribers. According to Shawn Gold, who is the director of marketing at Techstyle, the parent company of Fabletics, this growth was achieved because Fabletics has always been keen on leveraging the power of the crowd.


As you are certainly aware, the internet plays an important role in many people’s lives. When it comes to doing research about a product, it is no different. Customers look for online reviews a lot. They trust them, too. A study showed that customers trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation made by a family member or a friend. Eighty four percent of people said that, and this number goes up each year the study is conducted.


The CEO of Trust Pilot put it best when he said that consumers do not trust messages put out by brands during advertising campaigns, but that there is safety in the reviews put out by other consumers online.


The number of consumers who search for online reviews on a regular basis currently stands at around fifty percent, but there is a standard increase of twenty three percent each year. As the years go by, it is imperative that brands start paying attention to the power of the crowd.


Brands understand this. That is why seventy six percent of the top brands now feature user reviews and testimonials on their product pages and websites. This is an increase of seventy percent from just three years ago. Another study showed that when consumers search online when they are in stores, sixty five percent of the time they are actually searching for online reviews and not for price comparisons. This shows that sometimes, consumers may actually care more about a product not having good reviews than whether or not the price is low.


Kate Hudson, the actress who starred in the film Almost Famous, has been the one who brought Fabletics to their current greatness. She is widely regarded as the one who came up with the original ideas that Fabletics is using to successfully grow their brand. She has helped them shape their customer service strategy and gain a top rating with the BBB. She is an ambassador for Fabletics and highly recommends their clothing. It is a good idea to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz and find out which clothing is good for you.

Lime Crime Plus Scandal Equals Legendary

Have you ever heard about a cosmetic beauty line known as Lime Crime? This hot new brand has garnered attention from women and men alike, and it’s revolutionizing the game. Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere, a struggling fashion designer. The business started out very small on Ebay back in 2004, but it has dramatically grew into a powerhouse since its official launch in 2008. As of today, the brand is reshaping the industry thanks to its brilliant range of colorful products. The lipsticks are some of the most popular products on the market thanks to their easy to use applications, but Lime Crime has stepped its game up yet again.

Scandal is the new plum colored shade of lipstick and it’s creating havoc as well as causing a stir. For those who are into the “punk rocker” lifestyle or just want to change up your image drastically, this is the product to do so. Scandal is basically scandalous in a sense. The lipstick has an intense, deep hue of purple in which no other beauty line can duplicate. That’s right! Not even L’Oréal, MAC, Almay or Maybelline can compete with this electrifying product. Scandal oozes sex appeal and has a very bad attitude. What’s also great is that it’s vegan and animal cruelty-free. How many other beauty product brands can guarantee that?

Since its release, Scandal’s provocative look sets it apart from its contemporaries. Social media is blazing with excitement. The brand has over 2.6 million followers as of today on Instagram alone. This liquid-matte finish lipstick falls under Lime Crime’s “Velvetine” category as it will give the user a smooth glowing appearance. US Weekly stated that it’s a major trend setter for the coming year. All in all, Doe Deere has the capabilities to produce great products and Scandal personifies this perfectly.

How Fabletics Makes Use Of Customers Reviews

One of the biggest things driving consumer purchases nowadays is the power of the crowd. People read crowd-sourced reviews of products before making a purchasing decision. Successful brands make use of this by building their marketing strategies around these consumer reviews. One of the brands that has been doing exactly this is Fabletics. Fabletics, which was established in 2013, is already earning $235 million in annual revenue and has over 1 million people signed up as members on their retailing website. Executives at Fabletics credit a significant amount of their success is placed on how much they value user reviews and the role it plays at their company.

User reviews play three critical roles for Fabletics. The first is that it helps them sell more clothing to their members. It also helps create brand loyalty when people are able to leave feedback about what they purchased for other customers. Finally, it helps drive customer retention which is critical for a brand that is based on customers coming back often. Fabletics also uses a Lifestyle Quiz to help create a relationship between the brand and the consumer. When a member makes their first purchase they are encouraged to complete this quiz which helps to identify what clothing they find appealing. From then on the member is shown clothing which they will like based on the results of the quiz.

By heavily relying on other customer’s reviews people are essentially crowdsourcing their purchases. One study shows that people put a lot of trust in online reviews. 84% of people now trust an online review as much as they would trust the opinion of a friend on their purchases. Genuine and honest reviews help a company earn more revenue and extend their brand’s reach. They get better search rankings which results in more customers and thus more revenue.

Fabletics was the creation of the actress Kate Hudson. At an event in Beverly Hills, she recently launched her first collaboration with another celebrity. Demi Lovato says she is inspired by Fabletics and wanted to be part of it herself. She appreciates that they offer clothing for all ages, sizes, and shapes of women which isn’t very common in the fashion industry. She helped to design her clothing which is now being offered for sale on the Fabletics website.

Executives at Techstyle Fashion Group saw a business opportunity for affordably priced women’s activewear. They teamed up with Kate Hudson as they knew she was someone that loves to wear activewear all day long. She decided there was a great opportunity presented in selling women’s activewear which was not just fashionable and high-quality but was also affordably priced.

Kate Hudson is heavily involved in Fabletics and does not serve the usual celebrity role of just putting her face on the product. She digs into the sales figures and is heavily involved in what types of clothing they sell on the website. She believes in being authentic to herself and creating an authentic line of women’s clothing.

Fabletics; Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle Using Fashion

Lifestyle diseases are a significant challenge in the society. They are more dangerous than communicable and incommunicable diseases in the current generation. This is because people make different lifestyle choices. People are also exposed to various lifestyle choices. Healthy food is expensive than the unhealthy food. This enables people to prioritize the consumption of cheap and affordable food. It creates a need for the products to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Fabletics is a firm that promotes a healthy lifestyle through fashion. The fashion industry is a broad industry. This makes it a great platform to launch different solutions. Fabletics has launched a product that encourages women of different ages and sizes to improve their lives by embracing a healthy lifestyle. The product has developed and influenced the lives of people positively. Below is a review of the different products that are made and sold at Fabletics.


Yoga Clothes

Yoga is an easy and relaxing method of meditation. It makes people flexible using the various kinds of exercise that they do. People engage in different activities that are not rigorous. These clothes should be elastic to enable a person to stretch comfortably. This encourages people to be flexible. They get to enjoy Yoga lessons using the comfortable clothes that are offered at Fabletics.


Gym Clothes

The gym clothes make women comfortable at the gym. The gym is a challenging place to be because it involves vigorous activities. The activities need clothes that are comfortable and durable. The clothes should be durable to avoid wearing and tearing. This makes it easy for women to attend gym classes.


Running Clothes

There are many methods of keeping fit. The clothes at Fabletics enable women to run and work out comfortably. They fit the young girls and also the elderly women. The clothes at Fabletics are elastic. This makes them comfortable. They can absorb sweat, and this makes it comfortable for the runner. They enable women to run and remain fit.


Fabletics has taken the market with a bang. Consumers have embraced the product for different reasons. The company has invested in advertising. This has heavily influenced their sales. The company has become a leader in the sports fashion industry in a period of three years. This has made it credible. It has been able to command authority in the industry. It has also used both online marketing and social media marketing to reach as many clients as possible. They make their sales using their websites. The unique nature of the products has enabled the development of the products.


The products at Fabletics are unique. They have acquired a global market. Their products are used at different sports events. This improves the sales of the sports because they are of high quality. They promote the development of the company. Clients are handled with high esteem. They accurately get clothes that they order online. This encourages consumer loyalty. The sale of children’s clothes enables the company to encourage children to embrace a healthy lifestyle at a tender age. This enables the company to have a positive image in the society.

Wengie Helps Students Excel And Look Great


Wengie offers some of the most attractive beauty tips for females from elementary school to college age. This video suggests fifty tips on making school life more manageable, while ensuring the opportunity to constantly look fashionable. These hacks range from notebook organization and word processing tricks, to using study services online for quick problem-solving help. Many of her suggestions also touch on health subjects like reducing computer screen fatigue and curing headaches. Of course, all of these student tips are geared toward producing more time and energy to dedicate to things like looking good and having a vibrant social presence.


The Velvetines Lip Trend

Matte lip color has become one of the hottest trends right now. The dramatic look of a matte lip has become an eye catching current beauty look among makeup trend fans. It seems that nearly every lip color nowadays is more popular when it has a matte look. Matte lips that are the most popular are perhaps nude lips, rainbow hues, deep red, and deep purple hues. One of the makeup brands that has embraced the matte lip color trend fully is the “for unicorns” makeup company: Lime Crime.


The Velvetines lip colors have a unique formula. These lip colors go on as a liquid and dry to become a beautiful matte look. The Velvetines lip colors are fitting for anyone who wants colorful matte lip colors. Velvetines are available in usual lip color shades and also in more unusual shades. The Lime Crime company likes to always create unique seasonal shade options and they generally keep a wide range of rainbow hues available for their consumers. The company calls their customers: “unicorns”. It’s an endearment that means their consumers are unique and creative individuals, like the mythical unicorn.


Rest assured that no animals were harmed in the process of making the Velvetines lip colors. All of the liquid to matte lip colors are certified to be cruelty free and vegan. The company founder Doe Deere ensured that her company would be animal friendly because she loves animals. Doe Deere and her husband have pet cats that live with them in California.


Lime Crime sells their Velvetines to consumers for merely $20 a piece. The high quality matte lip color is fairly priced and more affordable than some of the other matte lip colors in the cosmetics market. You can also buy Velvetines in multiple sets for a fair price at LimeCrime.com. If you want to try out the velvet matte lip trend for yourself, you should look into getting some Velvetines.


Fabletics: Amazon’s Next Rival in Online Fashion Market

Amazon is the most powerful competitor when it comes to e-commerce market of fashion. A new company appeared a few years ago, and it is expected to give Amazon a tough time. The name of this new company is Fabletics. It was founded by Hollywood star Kate Hudson. The company has effectively used “reverse showroom technique” and activewear to run a successful business. It uses membership of the customer and his preferred brand to sell products.


Years ago, high values brands were defined by their price and product quality. It is no longer the case. Today, there are new elements which are more important. They include unique designs, excellent customer service, flashing effects, awesome service, and popularity. Fabletics has used these elements to become as successful as Apple and Warby Parker. The company now has seventeen outlets operating in different states of America.


The company’s General Manager said that Fabletics is developing reimagined and high-value brands from the day it was created. He further added that Fabletics uses the customer membership to provide tailored services and bring latest fashion trends to the stores. Businesses can only make customers happy when they what the customer wants.


During last ten years, numerous businesses were launched but all of them failed. Customers would visit their stores but not choose to them. They bought the products from other places with low prices. Fabletics is going the opposite way. It has made browsing a positive thing for its business. Fabletics believes in developing relationships with its customers. The company avoided using the pop-up store to make it’s more reliable for customers. Fabletics participated in numerous activities and events for understanding the local market. Fifty percent of the customers visiting Fabletics’s stores are the members, and twenty-five percent more of them become members. When the customer is trying an article, the article automatically goes into the shopping cart of that customer. Fabletics kept retail separate from other things so people can purchase products from shops of their choice.


Fabletics took special care about providing the right information to its customers in every form. It is a fact that customers prefer a company which gives the correct information in both digital and physical form. Fabletics uses the digital information for making the decision about keeping what products at the stores. It is necessary as trends are continuously changing. The company uses different types of sources to collect this information.


Fabletics is receiving good reviews from its customers. Teri Hutchen is one of those customers that love the Fabletics is doing the business. She became a member of Fabletics in 2016, and she was immediately asked to fill a comprehensive survey which inquired about her outfits and workout plans. Each month, the company selects an outfit for her which is based on the information she provided on the survey. Tori says that the product quality of Fabletics is excellent. For only fifty dollars, she is receiving many styles. The customer service is good, and the website is user-friendly.