Lime Crime: Unique, Bold Makeup for a Unique, Bold You!

Color. Eyes. Eye shadow. Shades. Bold. Bright. These are all great descriptive words to describe the fabulous eye shadow palettes offered by “Lime Crime” by Doe Deere. But now, instead of having only three different palette’s with amazing wonderful colors to choose from, “Lime Crime” has just launched a fourth one, the Venus 3!

Eye shadow palette’s have been a great success for “Lime Crime” from the get-go. When the very first one, the Venus palette, first launched, the masses went completely wild with delight! The Venus palette caters more of earth tone shades with eight different colors to select from. Then there was the introduction of Venus 2. The Venus 2’s eight different shades are bold, bright and statement making colors such as blue, yellow, orange and green. Whereas Venus XL offers 18 different shades of pinks, reds, peach and beige, the new Venus 3 is something different all together!

This fun palette offers eight shades of pink, tones of purple, and even a shimmering silver! Looking for sparkle? Venus 3 has it. Sophistication? This palette’s got you covered! With this new palette the possibilities are endless! And with “Lime Crime’s” unique formula known for being silky smooth and won’t fade, this palette is definitely a must have for any color enthusiast!

And, like all “Lime Crime” products the new Venus 3 eye shadow palette is of course vegan free and cruelty free!

If you are new to “Lime Crime” they offer more than just eye shadow palette’s. In addition to fabulous different hues for your eyes, “Lime Crime” offers an array of lip tints, lip shimmers and lip plushies to accentuate the perfect look that you are going for! And don’t forget to check out the Unicorn hair color selection, with semi-permanent hair tints such as pink, red, green and blue to complete your ensemble your way!

Be on the look out as it appears that 2018 is going to be a busy, fun filled year for “Lime Crime” and the may be even more product launches set for the near future!

Make a statement. Be bold. Be unique. Be YOU.