Andrew Rolfe Focuses on Educational Opportunities

Andrew Rolfe has an impressive career to his credit. He’s at the helm of Private Equity, USA, a sizable private equity firm. He also works for numerous other established entities. TowerBrook Capital Partners, L.P. is just one example. TowerBrook Capital Partners is a New York, New York based firm that specializes both in financial planning and in investment management.

No one can deny that Andrew Rolfe is busy in his line of work. No one can deny, either, however, that he’s someone who has a zeal for doing right by the planet. Andrew Rolfe is an individual who has an unparalleled devotion to helping youths everywhere. That’s the reason he gives his time to the Ubuntu Education Fund. He actually is the Chairman of the organization. The Ubuntu Education Fund is a prominent non-profit group that concentrates on education, social welfare and health. It operates out of the community of Zwide. Zwide is part of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Although the Ubuntu Education Fund primarily runs out of South Africa, it has offices in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Andrew Rolfe uses his role at the Ubuntu Education Fund to assist Port Elizabeth youngsters who lack the resources necessary to thrive. Rolfe works to help them get resources and therefore open themselves up to better, healthier and more enriching futures as hard-working and happy adults.

Rolfe is a professional who has a great educational background under his belt. He studied at Oxford University in Oxford in the United Kingdom. That’s where he received a B.A. (Bachelor of the Arts) degree. He also studied at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. That’s where he received his M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) degree.