John Goullet, an Amazing Entrepreneur of IT Sector

John Goullet is known as a famous entrepreneur and IT staffing professional. He began his career as a consultant in IT sector. However, he changed his career to IT staffing in 1994. Due to his experience in IT staffing and IT consultancy, he had a great exposure to the industry. He knew how market trends of the IT sector were changing, and how he should take advantage of them. As a result, he founded his company Info Technologies. The company is known for providing IT staffing solutions to numerous organization across the country. Top five-hundred companies have hired Info Technologies for IT staffing solutions.


John Goullet’s leadership played a key role in the success of the company. In a short period of five years, the company’s worth reached to the level of thirty-million dollars. According to Inc. Magazine, the company is one of the fastest growing firms in the USA. John is a visionary; he realized that the company could grow further if he takes a few bold steps. Therefore, he merged his company with Diversant Inc. As a result, Diversant LLC was created, and John became the Principal. He formulated several strategies for the success of Diversant that had to face several challenges of the IT industry. He ensured his five-hundred clients, as well as medium size businesses, were getting quality services.


Diversant LLC has been successful due to John Goullet’s professionalism. The company continued to show growth despite global economic downturn. He always encourages his team members to be innovative thinkers and maintain discipline and mutual respect. The workforce of his firm also believes that teamwork is the secret behind their success. Today, Diversant LLC has transformed into the largest African-American owned firm in the US. The company proudly calls itself a minority-owned company yet among the top ones in the industry. John Goullet is the current Chairman of Diversant which also received the award for its financial success. According to John, the success of the company proves that it is providing IT staffing solutions according to the needs of the clients. He said that commitment is the core value of his company.