Jose Auremo Neto, the Brain Behind the Biggest Malls in Brazil

The Brazilian experts by name Jose Auremo Neto happen to be the chairman and the chief executive officer of the first JHSF Participatoes which is a real estate company that focuses on the development of residential and commercial estates located around Brazil. He happens to be a great business mogul with vast expertise in real estate and has tremendous influence over the past few years.

The great businessman has been on the frontline pushing for good and proper development inĀ  Brazil. He also has specialized knowledge when it comes to building the best and some of the highest rated malls in the country. Some of the greatest and the most successful designs include Cidade Jardim which is a shopping mall that is located in Sao Paulo.

Other great ventures that Jose Auremo Neto has seen being developed under his companies include Bela Vista which is located in Salvador and also Metro Tucuruy. The famous Penta Nogra Shopping center was also constructed or rather developed by JHSF under the watch of their powerful chairman, Jose Auremo Neto. There are so many developments in Brazil in progress but the two major ones currently being developed in Sao Paulo.

Jose Auremo Neto has been on the frontline working towards the development of various modern properties that have turned Brazilian to be a beautiful and attractive city. He has been on the frontline signing essential partnerships with multiple organizations like Pucci, Hermes and also Jimmy Choo. This has led to the opening of the great city called Cidade Jardim which is a vast shopping complex located in Brazil, Sao Paulo city.

Jose Auremo is also the Alumni of the famous Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University which is one of the most Brazilian prestigious universities. He later joined JHSF in the year 1993 and has been in the company since then.

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