Upwork: Managing Your Time Effectively with To–Do Lists

In 2015 freelance platform Elance rebranded themselves into the company Upwork. Today Upwork stands as one of the largest freelance platforms in the entire world. In total, they service 12 million freelance professionals in addition to 5 million business clients. Every single year around $1 billion worth of business is conducted on their platform.

Upwork has created an image for itself as a valuable tool for freelance professionals to get a start. You will be able to gain significant experience in your field without needing to pitch potential clients cold. Some projects are paid on an hourly basis while other projects are paid on commission or completion.

In addition to their platform for freelancing Upwork also has their own blog which they used to publish material related to enhancing personal productivity. They have recently published an article about how to effectively use a to-do list. To-do lists are one of the most powerful tools that you can use to enhance your time management skills if you can master them.

The overall process of creating and organizing a to-do list is fairly simple. Upwork first recommends that you start the night before and do not wait until the morning. Many times an individual will waste valuable time in the morning that could be being used productively had they proactively created their task list.

Another common pitfall of task lists is the creation of completely un-organized task lists. If you have gone about creating a task list, you should take the few extra minutes in order to organize it. This will allow you to move through each item on the list in an efficient and effective manner rather than haphazardly jumping from one task to another. One way that you can enhance your productivity and results with to-do lists is by grouping similar items on the list together. In industry and business, this is called batching. Whenever you are working on a particular set of tasks that are similar in nature, you will often find that you move through them more effectively than jumping from one task type to another in a haphazard manner.


Perry Mandera Sends Custom Cares To The Rescue

Perry Mandera started Custom Cares Charities, because he wanted to give back to his community. He has done that and more, using the organization to provide relief in several communities, after disasters have destroyed lives in multiple cities in recent years. It wasn’t just Custom Cares that helped Perry provide aid, either. As a transportation professional, he had access to the trucks needed to get that aid where it needed to go.


Tornadoes Won’t Stop Perry Mandera’s Trucks

In 2013, Perry came to the rescue of thousands of people, whose homes and lives were left in shambles. Tornadoes destroyed neighborhoods in Washington, Illinois, leaving many families in desperate need, but Mr. Mandera wasn’t going to let them suffer for long. He donated the transportation services that enabled supplies to get to those area residents.

Perry didn’t stop there. Gathering his colleagues in the transportation industry, Mandera and his associates donated supplies personally, as well. The donations deeply impacted the community in Washington, helping those families survive the crisis.


More Aid from Perry Mandera

Mr. Mandera has helped people far and wide, even those far from his home in Illinois. Following Hurricane Katrina, Perry’s organization, Custom Companies, arranged to deliver 40 loads of donations and supplies to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi. While much of that payload came from multiple donations, Mr. Mandera contributed to the stockpile, himself.

More recently, Perry Mandera came to the rescue of California residents. Like many people, Perry was heartbroken to see the devastation caused by wildfires on the west coast. While many people donated what they could, Mandera had considerably more resources at his disposal and he did not hesitate to use them. The Custom Companies, under which Custom Cares Charities operates, again donated transportation services to get supplies out west. Many California residents lost their homes and personal belongings to the fires, so Mandera’s efforts were received with gratitude.

Providing immediate relief is just one way The Custom Companies is striving to make communities safer. They’re also working with the Environmental Protection Agency on their SmartWay program. The program seeks to reduce the greenhouse gasses and emissions that contribute to global warming.

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