Tips and tricks to beat the odds this college basketball season

College basketball season has begun and March Madness is just a couple months away. With so many games happening in such a short period of time there’s plenty of opportunity for a sharp sports fan to win big during March Madness this season.

There are many strategies and techniques employed by sports bettors to try and gain an edge and pick a winner. Since many teams are heavy favorites to win March Madness odds they pay out next to nothing unless you bet against the spread. Giving one team or another extra points can really shake things up, and can make it very difficult to pick a winner.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of information available on to help you make an informed decision. I personally appreciate that there is comprehensive odds and point spreads for several different sportsbooks available on the site. Using this information I’m always able to take the sports book that will either pay me the most money or give me extra points on my handicap.

Once I’ve gotten the best price on my bet, I read through the articles about matchups, injuries matchup history as well as home-court advantage. It is very common for college basketball teams to fall into a rhythm and rely on a star player. If the star player happens to get injured, I take this into consideration when deciding to bet on or against this team.

Finally and most importantly I like to take a look at the coaching staff. Many times in college basketball one team will completely outclassed the other, and as a result the underdog team will have to be given a very big handicap in order to compensate for the difference. I find that older coaches with more experience tend to be a lot more conservative. They will encourage their team to play defensively and not risk injury during the second half if they are ahead by a significant margin. Just because a team can cover the spread doesn’t mean that they will choose to do so if it means risking the rest of the season.

Whether you are an experience sports bettor or someone new you can always benefit from having additional information. I find a is one of the best sources of all information including hard to find information about coaching. Between best prices for betting and the best information, anyone can come out a winner this March Madness.