Rocketship Education is Helping to Reintegrate America’s Education System

The American education system is a lot of things. The vast majority of American schools are performing well enough for students to graduate with a high-quality education. However, there are plenty of students who are being “left behind” by not receiving good instruction. One of the biggest problems that are causing so many students to fail is segregation. Millions of American schools are basically segregated organizations that divide up students according to race and economic status.

In 2016, the Government Accountability Office conducted a research into the American school system. What they discovered was that most of the nation’s schools were in fact divided along racial and class lines. The Government Accountability Office is a part of America’s government system that performs investigations into different matters for Congress. The GAO also reports that many minority students attend public schools within isolated communities. While desegregation is supposed to be the norm, the fact is that people are now more segregated than ever. This is especially true for children who attend public schools.

The public-school system within the United States is in trouble. Rocketship Education understands this fact. They are on the front lines with trying to change the many problems that negatively affect American public education. The issue with segregation is a big problem. When parents are forced to send their children to a public school where the quality of education is low and student behavior is a serious problem, their children are not getting the best instruction possible. This is especially true for young kids in elementary school. Children at the elementary level need to have a solid foundation. Without it, they will have a hard time making good grades during their middle and high school years.

Rocketship Education schools are located in communities where school choice is not an option. These schools are set up in impoverished communities. They provide poverty-stricken parents with an alternative place to send their kids to school. Rocketship Education is technically a charter school system but they are committed to public education. This school opens its doors to many different people around the community. Students from different racial and economic classes are encouraged to attend. Rocketship Education is making a change by providing choice and opportunity for parents and their children’s education.