Jeffry Schneider’s Fitness Programme and Charity Contributions

Jeffry Schneider, the founder and also the CEO of a famous boutique enterprise in Austin, Texas is a real example of living young and healthy. Jeffry Schneider boasts of more than twenty-five years of experience in the corporate world. Under his watch and management, his firm has grown rapidly over the years, and as we talk now, it has employed more than fifty-five employees. Jeffry Schneider believes in changing the lives of his staff, and that is why he has several mentorship programmes for all his support staff. What surprises many, is his ability to integrate a fitness program into his life regardless of his busy schedule. He is aimed at showing the world that, it is not all about working, it is also about living healthy and young. In this article, we show you reasons why you should too, just like Jeffry Schneider, have a wellness plan in your life. It is time we got back to shape!

Here’s why you need a wellness program

Improve your health behavior– Having a wellness program means that you have set your mind to achieving something. These programs help you adapt and also maintain new health behaviors. For instance, if in your plan it is indicated that you have to go jogging every morning, then if you follow that, it becomes a habit, and you don’t have to force yourself anymore. Health behaviors lead to improved health, beauty, and fitness.

Improved productivity at the workplace– Have you ever been at your place of work but doing nothing productive with your time? This, among other reasons, could be as a result of poor health. Research has shown that people who actively take part in wellness programs, either at the workplace or home, tend to be more active than their counterparts who tend to be tired, stressed, and exhausted. To avoid lower productivity, you’re advised that you try and come up with a wellness program to ensure that you remain active and also stay away from any illnesses that might come up as a result of poor living.

Builds a community– Wellness programs, especially when carried out by a team especially employees of a particular company, leads to interaction and closer ties among the members of staff. Research has shown that people are happier when working together as a team. This also creates a good relationship with the employees. The staff also becomes a community which is connected and have something they enjoy doing together. Apart from the increased productivity that comes about as a result of this relationship, your social life and health are also likely to improve tremendously.

Physical fitness– Everyone wants to feel great about their look and appearance. Taking part in various fitness programs will make you have an improved physical wellness. This will go a long way in improving your confidence and self-esteem. Always feel great about yourself by taking part in the relevant fitness programs.

Weight loss– If you are feeling overweight and would love to lose some pounds, then exercising is the way for you. You can get a trainer or do it as a team.

A Final Thought:

In Jeffry Schneider, we see a great man, whose primary motivation is helping people lead better and improved lifestyles. Apart from his participation in gym and fitness sessions, Jeffry Schneider has a big heart. This can be proved by the number of charitable organizations that he helps and works with. In truth, Jeffry Schneider is an inspiration to many, and it is no doubt that through his legacy, his work and his life, he will go down in history as the man who believed in the power of humanity and changing others people’s lives.