How Eric Lefkofsky Has Contributed Towards Fight Against Cancer

Although there are several agents that have plagued the health care system so far, Alzheimer’s and cancer are some of the diseases that have plagued it more. To realize eventual treatments, precise care, and personalized cure, things such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and proper usage of big data cannot be undermined. Algorithmic patterns are essential in understanding the genetic aspects of these diseases. With the help of Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky is doing everything possible to address this computational issue. Tempus is a technology firm Eric co-founded in 2015, and it is based in Chicago.

This company focuses on the health information of the cancer patients to help the physicians work on the future health of the patients. On the health information of the patients, Tempus intends to digitize, clean up, consolidate, and merge it. The company has a special way in which it sequences the RNA/DNA molecular data. The firm has special data pipelines to help it analyze and cleanse the molecular and clinical data after collecting it. This is the most effective thing the company would do to introduce precision medicine. Through the efforts of this company, many physicians are able to give personalized care to their cancer patients.

Among the top 10 health techs, Tempus has a secured a slot there. It has managed to partner with some of the academic institutions and healthcare organizations aimed at getting better cancer treatment options. Tempus has done its best to ensure it works with probably all the Compressive Cancer Centers for a common goal. Most oncologists in these healthcare institutions advise their patients to go for genomic sequencing at Tempus. The health team at Tempus generates a medical report the patients would take back to their physicians after pairing clinical and molecular information.

Among the several influential entrepreneurs, you may find in Chicago, Eric would be among the most influential. He happens to be the co-founder of Lightbank, InnerWorkings, Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, and Mediaoecan. Eric is also known for the numerous philanthropic engagements he has. At the Chicago Lurie Children’s Hospital, he serves as the Trustee. Together with his wife Liz, they are the co-chairpersons of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He got his Juris Doctor from the Law School at Michigan University.

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