Nick Vertucci Earned A Fortune Working In The Real Estate Industry

Life hasn’t always been easy for Nick Vertucci. But he’s on easy street now because of real estate. Vertucci’s father died when he was ten years old and his family struggled to make ends meet. As a teenager, Nick Vertucci lived in his van. Driven to succeed, he took old computer parts and started a lucrative computer accessories company. He got married, bought a home and had some kids. Life was great for a while. Then in 2000, the bubble burst and Vertucci found himself broke, unemployed and struggling to keep his family afloat. Times were tough and he didn’t see a way out.

In 2004, a friend took Vertucci to a 3-day real estate seminar that gave him hope. He learned enough to begin generating a consistent income. Vertucci spent the next 10 years gathering information about buying, selling and renting real estate, finding funding and buyers, refining his techniques and investing in the growth of his company. By 2014, Nick Vertucci was a financially stable multimillionaire. But he wanted a way to help others free themselves from the pain and uncertainty that comes from being as broke as he had been. So he started the NV Real Estate Academy.

At Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy he teaches people to use the turnkey system he has developed to build a lucrative career in real estate. Thousands of people have graduated from the academy and gone on to make lots of money. You don’t have to be super-smart or have lots of money to make the NV Real Estate Academy work for you. Anyone willing to follow step-by-step instructions can make money using the lessons taught at the academy. Nick Vertucci has spent 10 years developing a system that has enabled even broke high school dropouts to earn six figure incomes in real estate in a matter of months.

Money isn’t a problem for Nick Vertucci. He and his family enjoy the finer things in life. Through the NV Real Estate Academy he can give anyone that wants it the tools, training and guidance necessary to become financially independent.

The Prestigious Logan Stout

Four years ago in the month of May, a health and wellness company emerged named IDLife, the most recent venture of business owner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, mentor, and leadership coach Logan Stout, who resides in Frisco, Texas. Stout has been able to generate billions of dollars working hand in hand with prestigious celebrities and other billionaires through out his career. He has an extensive track record in being a major asset for the success of multiple organizations, and is portrayed as a highly credible individual.

Logan Stout also has the experience in team building, utilizing his keynote speaker skills, to be one of the most sought after keynote speaker. At IDLife, he his able to work with authors that are recognized across the United States and fitness ambassadors, who educate the public on how important health and wellness is in our lives today. Only after 2 years after its launch, on a global scale, they were named one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies.


With his mentoring capabilities, Logan Stout has been able to turn a baseball organization, the Dallas Patriots, into one of the largest in the world, having the turnout of multiple baseball players moving on to turning pro in the MLB League, after receiving the opportunity to go to college. Stout also has taken advantage of his writing skills by publishing his own book, named “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”. His mission in writing this book was to give inspiration to the readers, giving them a new positive perspective on how they can utilize specific tools to become empowered in their own right.

You are able to find Logan Stout on various television networks and live events, while being mentioned in juggernaut publications, such as The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, Philadelphia Magazine, and other media outlets. His whole intention is to empower other people, and instill confidence in others, reminding them that they are capable, able, and worthy of success as well.

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Todd Lubar: Developing and Innovating TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has been focusing lately on how he can help the public understand the methods and techniques used to become successful in the field of business. Todd Lubar established TDL Global Ventures, and his primary objective is to help people who wanted to do business. He is the head of the company that he established, and according to him, it is his passion to see people grow. He wanted to extend his assistance to everyone who would want to have their own home. Aside from TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar is also the vice president of an investment comapny called the Legendary Investments.

He has been working in the industry for more than two decades, and he believes that the real estate industry is his calling. Todd was awarded multiple times because of his contribution to the industry, and he was among the top mortgage originators in the whole country. Aside from real estate business, he also has some investments in different industries, and he knew that having these investments would help him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. He believes that educating himself is essential to becoming a successful businessman. He would read books or attend seminars that would transform him to become better in his chosen field. Check out page.

Todd Lubar is also looking for young business-minded people who would like to learn more about the business. He would ask these aspiring entrepreneurs to join his group, where he would be training them to become like him. He is preparing for the future, and he would like to find someone who can drive his company, TDL Global Ventures, into new heights. Todd Lubar is expecting that there would be more companies out there who would try to compete with his business, but he believes that the relationship that he created with his customers in the past would give him the edge over new competitors in the industry. Todd Lubar keeps on focusing on his business, and he stated that he would do something new to innovate and develop the company further.

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A private investment company, Kerrisdale, has recently released their report for the year in which they have recorded a negative report for the first time in a while. The Kerrisdale management team, however, came out to explain the drop in their business dealings. According to them, the negative report was as a result of the deal made between Kerrisdale and Kodak, but it seems that Kodak is not making much progress and so they have Kodak’s stock which has been rising and at the time of the report release the stock had risen by a whopping 187%. Read more at about Sahm Adrangi.

Kerrisdale had been in a partnership to create an image licensing platform with Kodak, using the blockchain enabled the system. There were also plans to start up a photo-centric Cryptocurrency by the two companies. The report states that Kodak had all the required potential to execute its Cryptocurrency plan. They had all the right business words that they presented which included blockchain and smart contracts. However, a closer look at the various advantages of employing the blockchain method for the particular project presented showed in no uncertain terms that the project was never going to get off the ground and it was poorly formatted and thought out.

Sahm Adrangi who is Kerrisdale’s chief investment officer started working in the company when it started in 2009. Adrangi has been a part of Kerrisdale’s active management team, and he has dealt with everything concerning the company’s development and management. He worked with Lornacrefund as an investment analyst and was also chosen to be part of a bankruptcy reforming group that was looking into the Chanin capital partnership bankruptcy. Sahm Adrangi gave out insights into solving the problem advising creditors to settle for a mutual understanding with the firm instead of taking it to court. Follow Sahm Adrangi on

Sahm Adrangi was at Deutsche bank working with the leveraged group financially. Sahm was of great help on the structuring of the various bank debts and assisted in creating bonds that sold for relatively high prices. He also got to advise the company on injecting money to finance the due debts. Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University with a bachelor of arts in economics.



Virtual gaming comes with assets and the virtual asset marketplace is hamstrung with challenges, security concerns, and payment processing issues; intermediaries are needed in a marketplace that fluctuates according to user demand, and WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is one of them.

Security Concerns

A secure ecosystem of asset training is the goal of business owners and transfer agents who look to streamline business costs with agents that ensure asset-security. Improper asset-delivery to owner-base accounts was an issue until WAX moved to a decentralized marketplace to conduct affairs utilizing block-chain smart contracts. One simple block-chain widget enables users to buy and sell without logging out. It’s a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that resolves two problems: market fragmentation and fraud.


A Gaming Platform That Works

Technology comes with limits, so a decentralized market works for tokenized gaming assets that prevent fraud. WAX has a platform that fractionalizes player profits from centralized exchanges, allowing users to buy and sell assets without clicking off screens, and ensures reduction costs are limited. WAX bypasses rigid regulations by creating new ways of transferring assets and saving money in the long run.


Founder and President of WAX

The CEO of (WAX), Malcolm Caselle, is long-standing on getting the number one marketplace going in buying and selling from online video games. Caselle got kick starts such as these going with digital industry products before settling transaction costs.

Caselle’s firm got into managing direct investments of late-stage web companies, by investing in kick-start companies where needed, like X-fire for example. Its companies like these that corner a market with universal currency that works out, which is good for OPSKINS as well; the number one bit coin merchant on the market, of which he is also CIO.

Caselle is confident enough with the WAX platform to say, “The gaming industry will ignite the world of crypto currency to the mainstream”; he is a graduate of MIT and Stanford University in Computer Science.

“High Tech Chronicle-Malcolm Cassele: The Gaming Industry Will Ignite the World of Cryptocurrency”, Anderson, January 2018, (

“TNW: To fuel expansion in Asia, gaming social network X-fire secures 3 million”, Wauters in Insider, May 2012, (

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Meet Anthony Petrello; a Great CEO and a Philanthropist

Many great entrepreneurs forget about their families due to their attachment to work. There are exceptions like Tony Petrello, who have dedicated much of their time to their families. Tony is the CEO Nabors Industries; the leading oil and gas drilling company in the world. It has been a long journey for him to attain the position but through hard work he made it. To lead such a big company one needs to be highly educated and innovative.

Tony received his education at Yale University. He got sponsorship while he was young as he had a unique ability in mathematics. Tony received a bachelor of science in mathematics degree as well as a master’s of science in mathematics at Yale University. At the university he worked closely with a mathematics scholar; Serge Lang where he helped him in his number theory. Many people thought that Tony would be a mathematics scholar, but he decided to switch career path. He joined Harvard Law School where he learned law.

He immediately started his career at Baker & McKenzie law firm. He helped individuals as well as big companies in taxation, corporate law as well as international arbitration. He joined the firm in 1979 and resigned in 1991 when he decided to join Nabors Industries. At Nabors industries, he worked hard and climbed the ranks of the drilling company until he became the CEO. He has been influential in the company’s performance. Tony started humbly, and he became a business leader in America. Tony was named the highest paid CEO in the United States in 2014.

Besides his work, Tony is a family man. He is married to Cynthia; his college sweetheart and they have a daughter Carena. Carena was diagnosed with a neurological condition after birth. This disease has affected her deeply as she can’t learn the normal things naturally. She was born prematurely, and her condition was as a result of lacking enough blood flow to the brain. Tony and his wife have dedicated much of their time and funds to see that their daughter develop and grow. She ate solid food at eight years old, and Tony saw that as a miracle.

Due to that reason, Tony became determined to find out how he can help the children diagnosed with neurological disorders. He has given $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. This donation will enable children with these conditions to access better care. Together with his wife, they have donated over $50 million which has been used to develop Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This institute was opened in 2010. Tony is determined with neurological research, disorders in children will be managed.

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Eli Gershkovitch a Profounder Investor in Canadian Craft Beer

Canadian Craft Beer has continually gone through a series of changes to make sure that it meets global consumer standards. Eli Gershkovitch, the founder of Steamworks, has played a critical role in the success of the company. Steamworks was established in 1995. The company registered high production rates of 40,000 hectoliters in 2013. This brewery company produces a variety of beer brands that include Tall-Can Mash Up, Pale Ale, Heroic Red-Ale, and Pilsner beer among others.

Eli Gershkovitch is a successful business person who has accomplished significant venture outcomes. Eli is a knowledgeable law graduate with mastery understanding of business dynamics. Similarly, Eli Gershkovitch enrolled for art classes where he learned to seize business opportunities. For instance, his good experience with the Belgian Beer while in German eventually helped him to set up Steamworks Brewing Company. Follow Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter.

Steamworks Brewing Company has realized massive growth with Eli Gershkovitch at the helm. The company registered a 50% sales revenue growth and managed to expand the diversity of its products and quality. This has enabled Steamworks to rank high in the global market especially in Germany, United States, and Italy among others.

Eli Gershkovitch now practices as a legal practitioner in liquor licensing. His venture has highly benefited from brewery invention protection and patenting. As a result of Eli’s commitment, Steamworks now enjoys a larger market share and is progressively expanding on its scale of operations. Visit to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

Canadians love their beer and have highly promoted craft beer in the recent past. Besides global beer companies, the country now has several beer venture startups entering the market with new innovations. The country has maintained a stable currency, making it an affordable destination for craft beer lovers.

Propeller IPA is one of the best-selling Canadian beers that are produced by Propeller Brewing Company. This beer won gold in World Beer Championship because of its strong and smooth caramel flavor. Similarly, the beer is particularly characterized by bitterness that is toned-down to give it a lavish taste. Pump House Blue Ale is another popular beer with the main taste of juice. Other best Canadian beers are St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, Party Animal, and La Fin Du Monde.


George Soros Continues to Have Major Social and Political Impact

One of the most successful investors and businessmen of all time is George Soros. George Soros, who was born in Austria and moved to the United Kingdom while he was a child, has had a very long and successful career as the owner and managing partner of Soros Funds and learn more about George Soros. Over the past 50 years, his success in managing billions of dollars of investor capital has allowed him to earn a personal net worth in excess of 25 billion dollars. This makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world. While Soros could easily retire on an island somewhere and live in peace, he continues to be very involved in a wide range of social and political issues affecting the world and more information click here.

One area in which George Soros has continued to have a very significant interest and impact on the world is in the United States political process. While Soros is not from the United States, he continues to see the impact that the United States political leadership has on the global economy and social environment. Over the past few elections, Soros has continued to be a major supporter of the candidates that are running on the Democratic ticket. During the most recent election, Soros was a very major donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign. He personally donated over 10 million dollars and also helped to raise a lot more and what George Soros knows.

Soros also has been involved in a number of US elections in the past. His most famous entry into the political scene came in 2004 when he tried to find a candidate that would unseat George W Bush from the office. Later, in 2008, he was a heavy supporter of the Hillary Clinton campaign that ultimately lost to Barack Obama during the primaries. Soros then eventually backed Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential election cycles and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros has also been a very vocal supporter of a member of social causes that have been impacting the world. Most specifically, in the past few years Soros has been a huge supporter of Angela Merkel due to her decision to allow refugees from Syria and other areas of the world to enter the country of Germany. At the same time, Soros was critical of how other countries of the world were more resistant to allowing these refugees to enter their countries and Follow his Twitter.

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Scott Rocklage – A visionary business leader

Scott Rocklage is a prominent person in the healthcare sector in the United States. Scott has over 20 years working in this sector. In these years he has accomplished a lot in the healthcare department.

Probably one of his greatest contributions is having three drugs that he invented approved by the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA). He has also been able to present 6 other drugs to the agency for trials. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures in 2003. In 2004 he was made the managing partner of the venture. 5AM is usually involved in early stages of companies formation, that are involved in the activities of medical care research and innovation. However, this was not the first company that he was serving sin.

In his many years of service in the healthcare department, he has established himself as an authority. He has held a prime position of leadership in many organizations. Some of these business organizations include; Nycomed Interventional, Salutar and Catalytica and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Currently, he is holding positions of leadership at “Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus.”

Scott Rocklage is highly learned and holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He earned his bachelors in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. Scott Rocklage undertook his doctorate research at Richard R. Schrock laboratory. Richard R. Schrock was the Nobel Prize winner in 2005.

Scott Rocklage apart from his contribution in the healthcare department is a philanthropist and has supported many charity organizations. Scott has made considerable efforts in supporting various initiatives. In one instance he contributed towards the rehabilitation of a nanotechnology lab in his home area.

Scott Rocklage hopes to achieve his target of helping startups in their early stages of development. He has partnered with various professionals who include physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and business executives to assist with innovation in the healthcare department. Through his firm, he funds those who have innovative ideas.

Scott has led a committed life, trying to help the society eradicate some of the medical conditions that remain unresolved to date.5AM is taking over the healthcare department by storm and in a few years, it will have made a huge impact.

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Bro Bio: The Enigmatic and Mysterious Life of Dr. Scott Rocklage

Eric Lefkofsky Taking the Lead with Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the most common devastating medical conditions in the world today. However, all is not lost. Thanks to the many research contributions and the investments made in this field, sooner than later we will be dancing to a new tune. One individual who is leading the race for the cancer cure and is doing whatever he can to ensure a proper cure for cancer is realized is Eric Lefkofsky.Eric Lefkofsky is one of the leading American entrepreneurs with a relentless heart to ensuring that the medical fraternity finds a cure for cancer. He has contributed enormously towards cancer research both financially and in kind. Currently, Erick is leading the fight against cancer through Tempus, a company he co-founded.

Tempus is a technology company that focuses on the treatment of cancer by offering physicians with an analytical and interactive platform for the treatment of cancer. Through Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has developed a software system that helps to analyze therapeutic and molecular information of patients, thereby, providing the physicians with the best information to treat the cancer patient. Tempus’ primary objective is to ensure that all cancer patients are treated with the best care possible to ease their pain, and more important, get cured. Eric Lefkofsky is ensuring this is so by spearheading the popularization of Tempus software systems to other health care facilities in the US.

Mr. Eric is also a philanthropist. So far, Eric Lefkofsky has contributed to numerous charitable causes both in the field of cancer and to other causes. One of Eric’s notable philanthropic movement is the Lefkofsky Foundation. Through his foundation, Erick has focused his resources on helping the needy in the society, and he supports at least 50 families through education, providing health services, and other basic amenities.Being a technocrat, Eric Lefkofsky strongly believes in the immense power of social media. He uses his Twitter account that has over 6,000 followers to educate the society about cancer and investment. Eric also uses this platform to engage with the rest of the world by sharing his everyday experiences through pictures and posts.