Following Vijay Eswaran’s Example And Realizing True Potential

One of the many objectives in life that people have is to realize their true potential. This could be done in any aspect of their lives including personal, relationships, business and plenty of other aspects. One of the areas where people often fail to realize their full potential is in their professional and business lives. This is often because of working jobs that they don’t like. To make things even worse, their earnings are limited because of them being stuck in their undesired position. Many people believe that this is all they can achieve in their lives as they move on with their unfulfilled dreams.

Fortunately, all that is needed in most cases are examples and encouragement. When people find the right types of examples, they not only find inspiration, but also find a way to learn all of the lessons necessary to achieve their goals. Among the lessons they can take from the examples that they learn from are the will to study and the type of work that actually goes into success. One thing that people will learn is that work can pay off in more ways than they expect. They just have to figure out for themselves what type of payoff they are looking for.

One of the examples that are worth looking at is Vijay Eswaran. Vijay himself has worked with the belief that the only way one is going to be able to support himself is if he is working a regular job in an office. This limiting belief is something that he has learned to overcome. This has brought a lot of freedom for him. He has achieved the type of goals that he had for himself and has grown a lot. This has given him the ability to teach lessons to others as they try to pursue their own goals.

A Quick Introduction to The Brown Modelling Agency

Wilhelmina Austin took over Heyman-Talent South to create a completely new modeling agency with The Brown Modelling Agency. In Austin, this is officially the only full-service agency. This is the leading model management company in the Austin area for both print and fashion modeled.


Heyman-Talent South was an acting talent agency that found tremendous success in the central Texas region. By joining forces with Wilhelmina Austin, this allows clients to expand their horizons and add new work to their portfolio so that they stand apart from other similar talent.


This agency has helped to launch the careers of some of the top names in the modeling industry. They have worked with a number of popular brands, such as Loreal, Louis Vuitton and Toyota. The number of companies that they have worked with is in the thousands. Their models have graced the runway at New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and other prestigious fashion shows.


Justin Brown is at the helm for this modeling agency. His expertise is diverse and includes significant knowledge of and experience with fashion, film and television and commercial print.


Since getting started in 2015, becoming part of the world-famous Wilhelmina network has made it possible for The Brown Modelling Agency to represent some of the best talent in the area. It also ensures that they are able to supply the best and most diverse talent to their clients.


Justin spent time as a junior agent with Rage Model Management earlier in his career to get a feel for what the industry had to offer. It was not long before he opened the Texas Acting and Modeling Academy and his career and reputation blossomed from there.


The Brown Modelling Agency follows the motto that they are only as good as the talent that they represent. This means that they use complex and thorough evaluation tools to make sure that the talent that they sign is able to keep up with the demands of the constantly evolving world of modeling and action. This is a major benefit for clients because they will only receive the best and most professional talent to work with. You can visit their Instagram page.


Roberto Santiago: Continued Growth in Paraiba

In the Brazilian state of Paraiba, located in Joao Pessoa, there is a shopping mall and event center that is one of a kind. Patrons are immediately greeted with a sense of wonder when they walk into the doors of the Manaira shopping center. Since November of 1989, the center had enjoyed extreme popularity with all who enter, and it is even one of the biggest shopping malls in all of Paraiba. The mall has a variety of activities available to patrons that will help make their visit everything they want it to be.


In addition to the large variety of retail locations, feature stores that sell furniture, jewelry, books, and clothing, Manaira is also host to an extensive food court. Dining options fall into a variety of genres and customers even have access to fine dining establishments. Manaira is also home to an innovative cinema complex, there are even two rooms that have active 3D technology so that guests have access to the best possible theater technology. The gaming station located in Manaira will not disappoint patrons either, with a bowling alley and a fully equipped amusement park. There are over 1,500 gaming stations that allow gamers of any age to enjoy what Manaira has to offer.


One thing that Manaira has that will set it apart from other shopping centers of its type is an event center called Domus Hall. Domus Hall is somewhat of a crown, located on the roof of Manaira. The complex was initially designed to comfortably house up to 10,000 people for concerts, weddings, fairs, and other massive social events. Domus Hall is evenly spread over two stories with privacy suits located on the second floor. This makes it an ideal location for musical artists that are looking for a different type of location to host their concerts. In fact, Domus Hall has gained fame with Brazilian musicians and international musicians because of its state of the art facilities and loyal customer base.


Of course, behind a facility as successful as Manaira there is a CEO that has made it their personal goal to grow it in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Roberto Santiago has been lovingly caring for Manaira since the day that it opened. After obtaining his degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa he started spectating land on which to build the beautiful facility. Now, it has become internationally known. Santiago has shown what determination and vision can do for an individual’s success. He has not only added to his own personal accomplishments, but he has helped increase the wealth of the community around Manaira as well. There is no doubt that he will continue to grow Manaira and thrill his loyal patrons.


Glen Wakemen Shares His Story On

Glen Wakemen is an entrepreneur who founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in economics and a master’s degree in finance. He has worked in many financial companies such as GE Capital and Doral Financial Corp before starting his own business. Below are some highlights from his interview that is featured on

The first question given to Glen Wakemen on his interview was how did he come up with the idea to start LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Mr. Wakemen responded that he enjoys investing money into new ideas. Glen Wakemen then said that a lot of new ideas spring from startups, yet the failure rate of startups is very high. This led Glen Wakemen to examine this failure rate further.

Upon closer examination, Glen Wakemen found that many new startups and ideas lack an organized plan. Mr. Wakemen says that an idea is not a plan. They are two separate things. One can have a great idea, but without a plan to execute the idea, the idea can be useless. Glen says he came up with LaunchPad Holdings to provide software that would make building a plan for new businesses simple and easy. Read more at Premier Gazette about Glen Wakeman.

The next question asked of Glen Wakemen was how does an average day look for him and how does he make it productive. Mr. Wakemen says he begins his day’s work by reviewing prior data and numbers such as the amount of sales, cash on hand and performance. After the review, Glen Wakemen has meetings with other team members at his company. The meetings involve dividing up tasks, editing designs, paying expenses and discussing sales. After conferences and meetings, Glen Wakemen plans for the future by looking at competitors, researching trends in his field and looking at customer inquiries and communication. At the end of the day, Glen Wakemen likes to settle down with a cup of tea, coffee or a margarita. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

Mr. Wakemen believes that dividing up tasks and having trust in your employees is paramount to success in business. He also states that moving on is also important. If you get stuck in the past, then you are bound to get overtaken.


Meet Glen Wakeman; CEO of LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur who has vast knowledge in finance. Wakeman is a great mentor who wants to see excellent ideas turned to plans that eventually lead to a successful business. His passion to see a business grow is unmatched, and he has developed five key points that guide a business to glory. These key performance areas include; governance, execution, risk management, leadership and human capital. This proven methodology of Wakeman has been very beneficial to many people in business and those starting up. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Affiliate Dork.

Glen Wakeman is highly educated. Glen joined the University of Scranton where he attained a degree in economics and finance. Later he joined the University of Chicago where he attained his MBA in finance. After education, Wakeman started his career at GE Capital and then moved to work at Doral Financial Corporation. Also, he founded Nova Four which offers advice and access to capital for developing businesses. Moreover, at Doral Bank Glen Wakeman was a chairman of its board. He has been president and CEO in several organizations, and that has contributed to his experience in the finance industry.

Glen Wakeman provides financial advice in angel investing and raising capital. He founded LaunchPad Holding in 2015. LaunchPad Holdings is a fully automated software service company which assists early-stage entrepreneurs to actualize their ideas into workable plans. Also, the LaunchPad Toolkit has essential suggestions and tips to guide entrepreneurs as they start and grow their companies. Glen decided to start LaunchPad to help reduce the failure percentage of start-ups that have good ideas. He believes a good idea in business should lead to a successful business. The designed software platform is simpler and very essential in business growth and expansion.

Visit his website at

Glen Wakeman brings new ideas to life by explaining them to people around him and with time he thinks about them and then takes the bold step to actualize them. He has a high curiosity which makes him more productive in the business world. To make work easier and save some coins, Wakeman uses special web services like Live chat, Doodle, and Fiver. Glen is also motivated by some books like The Art of War by Sun Tzu which breaks life into lessons.


Filepe Montoro Jens Influence On Private Corporations

Felipe Montoro Jens has been in the corporate world for some years. He has earned the reputation of a corporate expert in Brazil due to his broad experience while working as a planner, a controller, a financial officer and a treasurer in various countries. He has an extensive background in several companies as a member of the board. Filepe Montoro Jens is a degree holder from Fundao Getlio Vargas and also undertook his post-graduate studies in international management from The American School of International Management in the United States. In the recent past, he shared his vision on the privately owned corporations in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens’s contributions to the private business will have a tremendous impact on the in Brazil. His proficiency in infrastructure and leadership has led him into collaborating with various organizations to create a better system of reducing waste and improving the core sanitary conditions in the country. He has consistently shown his genuine interest and concern over the state of the Brazilian economy and hold issues sanitation and cleaning up the country by eliminating waste dear to his heart. Felipe Montoro’s professional views on Brazil partnering with the National Bank to achieve social and economic development are highly esteemed.

In conclusion, Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in his rights that has strived to create a significant difference in the world of private corporations in Brazil. He has consistently stayed on course about his aspirations and his vision for the people of Brazil. His leadership qualities are indisputably highly valuable, and his influence on the future of the private corporate will bring positive change in regards to the economy of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens is inarguably one of the most influential people in the Brazilian corporations.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Incorporating Technology with Fashion.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, partners in so many businesses, have seen a lot of ups and downs and have grown a lot of businesses together. They both did something innovative, which people never Imagined and it was “incorporating fashion with technology.” Both became friends when they were almost teenagers and stood by each other up till now. And have started a new business together as well.

Adam was always business minded, as he ran his own business in high school as well. He established a company which was later on taken over by Intermix Media. And at that time, he got to meet Ressler and became friends immediately because of their same business approach.

At that time, Adam was already doing well in business, he took over Intermix media, as the COO and later on was promoted to Vice President of the company, because of his talents and innovative business strategies. He was one of the youngest working employees of the company which was so honorable for him and motivated him to do better in future.

They both established many businesses together as a partner, and the main reason for that was to bring change and incorporate new ideas into their business so that they will always be known as the innovators in the business fields.

They wanted to do something unique which was to incorporate fashion with technology, which was never done before. Since they both were running two of the major industries, so they worked as a partner and joined both the companies, making it one large, powerful industry, which later on became a threat to a lot of other well-known industries. Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC and 3 LA CEOs you need to know now: Adam Goldenberg, JustFab


Both knew what was needed in the market and what were clients looking for, as both were business minded and had a clear view of how the market works and flourishes.

They did some market analysis and researchers to know what was the client’s demand and shortly they came up with the most brilliant idea of launching an online fashion company which they named as “just fab” which was a beautiful incorporation of fashion and technology.

And did offer one of the best services to the clients. One of the main reason for the success of this company was it was feasible, fulfilled public demand and was a completely new concept in the business field which attracted a lot of customers and brands towards this online marketplace making them a huge success.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg:

Making Positive Changes – George Soros

Positive changes are what George Soros is after all of the time. He gives freely of his money to assist those that need it the most throughout the world. Known for his philanthropy work, he is making the changes that he has wanted to for a very long time. For those that are seeing hardships, whether they have done it to themselves or not, he assists them so that they can go on to do well and help others too. Some of the people that he helps are drug users and sex workers. He wants to get them out of that lifestyle so that they can become productive people once again.

An Oppressive Life Was Once What He Lived

When he was younger, George Soros lived an oppressed life. His family and himself were treated poorly because they were Jewish. They saw a lot, but through their trials and tribulations, they pushed forward and helped others too. All throughout his life he carried this thought process with him, and now he is one of the most well known philanthropists all around the globe.

George Soros Opens The Soros Fund Management

In the year 1970, after moving ahead with his life, he opened a Hedge Fund. It was named the Soros Fund Management. It was through this windfall of money that he founded the Open Society Foundation. Through this foundation he was able to help a lot more people than he could previously.

He Is Termed A Threat To Capitalism

In an article in The Atlantic, he was termed a threat to capitalism. President Trump terms him a type of terrorist. They see him as a threat to the society as it is. Moving forward even though this is happening George Soros is not a man to give up lightly. He is continuing on amidst the allegations that are being thrown at him. His strength, determination and drive lead him on to even more challenging ways to help the people of the world. His strength is admirable, and he wants to instill good deeds into other people too. Helping the world a bit at a time is what George Soros is doing all the time. He will continue to do so, and others that are empowered by him will also help. They know that what he is doing is right, and they will help others too. Together the world will become a better place.

David Giertz Advises More In Depth Social Security Conversations with Clients

In the video published by the Wall Street Journal called “Speak to Your Clients about Social Security”, Dave Giertz with Nationwide explains why financial advisers need to have a conversation with their clients about their Social Security.


David Giertz believes that financial advisers are often avoiding the Social Security conversations with their clients. This can be problematic in terms of client retention. They found in the DNA Survey that most clients are not getting the information they need about Social Security from their financial advisers. The survey also reveals that four out of five clients will switch advisors if they are not having the discussion about Social Security.


Despite the complexity of the topic, it is important for investors to have the conversation with their clients. The Social Security handbook has 2700 rules that add to the complexity. The advisers need to be confident in their understanding of these rules in order to provide in depth information that is comprehensible for their clients. Often clients will switch financial advisers when they feel they are not getting the information they need. Their retirement planning process could require up to 40% of their income planning. Those who take their Social Security too early, they can lose over $300,000.00


With over 30 years in the financial services industry, David Giertz has learned how to build portfolio growth through processes, innovation, and detailed strategy. He has been the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution. There he was able to deliver profitable revenue to the amount of $6.8 billion in growth. He was the leader of the Private-Sector Retirement plans, Mutual Funds, Independent Brokers, IMOs, and RIAs and more.


David Giertz has passed several exams such as the Municipal Securities Principal, the General Securities Principal Examination, the Uniform Securities Agenet State Law Examination, and the General Securities Representative Examination. He is currently registered with FINRA as a broker-dealer.