Jeff Aronin CEO Paragon biosciences Fights to Find a Cure

Jeff Aronin has been the CEO of Paragon Biosciences since 2010 that is ten years after the company was founded. Jeff got his skills to run Paragon biosciences from leading other bio-pharmaceutical companies. His strategy, skills and brand marketing made him a perfect fit to run Paragon biosciences. To add to his impressive skills, he is also a physician. He has a passion for helping his patients and this has been his driving force for his entire career.

His career started when he studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Northern Illinois. He then went on to do an MBA from DePaul University. He worked in healthcare for a duration before he founded and became the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. He founded his company because he felt that there was more he could do for his ailing patients. He had a special place for patients with rare diseases that were often neglected. Jeff Aronin then channeled all his resources to this course. His company was different from other companies because he focused on his patients as well as in development of drugs. He sold his company to a Danish health care company in 2009.

Paragon biosciences is a company that seeks to improve people’s lives entirely through biomedical innovation headed by Jeff Aronin. It is not only an incubator for other growing biotechnology companies but also an investor in these companies. The company only seeks to help develop companies that are disciplined and have strategies in place to address certain specific clinical areas.

Paragon biosciences has a process that they use to ensure that they do help people with different diseases. The process always starts with the identification of the disease that is ailing the patient. During identification they take the time to understand the kind of lives their patients live. They then work on building dynamic companies. Even though it might take years to come up with life changing medicine, they support other researchers by giving them the infrastructure they need to meet their goals ( The process only works through trial and error, a process they have embraced. Next step in the process is developing the drugs and then bringing them to the market.