Sentient Ascend Improves Upon Results Gained Through A/B Testing

Technology is an ever evolving facet of life in 2017. In all manners and in all things, the role of technology is inescapable. It makes completing tasks and improving efficiency more profound. In the realm of business, digital marketing and ecommerce to be more precise, advancements in technology have resulted in a conversion rate optimization solution designed around artificial intelligence. This breakthrough dwarfs what can currently be done with A/B testing and puts much more power in the hands of online marketers to create designs that are much more effective.


With A/B testing, online marketers are able to test design variations of websites and apps. The data collected from these test provide information on whether the variations made result in increased user engagement and conversions or not. This allows marketers to fine tune their designs to maximize results. Though effective in providing pertinent information, there are limitations to aspects of A/B testing that are eliminated with use of AI technology developed by Sentient Technologies.


The biggest limitation that exists with current A/B testing tools is that it can only examine the effectiveness of design choices one at a time. It also requires a significant amount of traffic to ascertain relevant results. Enter Sentient Ascend, the AI technology that takes the usefulness of A/B testing and improves upon it in every way.


With Ascend, online marketers are able to test numerous design ideas at the same time. The AI is evolved enough to not only determine which singular modifications are providing improved results, but to also realize which combinations of modifications work together best to achieve the best outcomes. In early testing, some users of Ascend are able to check millions of combinations of design ideas all at once. This is possible, because the computational ability of the AI is constantly evolving. The AI reaches the conclusion of which design combinations are statistically best without having to test each combination individually.


The Ascend AI is a much better value for online marketers and gives them a level of flexibility that is much better than that of A/B testing. For one, the testing is completely automated. Marketers are free to put their energy and focus into what designs to try rather than be bogged down by overseeing the test itself. Other positive by-products of how the Ascend AI functions include cost saving and timely solutions. The AI is able to analyze and test on a continual basis while modifying designs to get better results. This real time testing leads to solutions faster than A/B testing tools ever could.