Kevin Seawright: More Than Just A Businessman

Kevin Seawright is a businessman that adapts to the needs of his company. He is a financial and administrative expert, with over 13 years to back it up. Seawright has created a reputation for himself that reflects leadership and successful company reorganizations. With his unique blend of team inclusion, outcome efficiency, and superb business sense has as transcended lines to do many things in business.

Kevin has over 13 years of executive level experience in finance, human resources, and capital operations management. Due to his versatility, Seawright has held a plethora of titles such as: Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, and Chief of Financial and Construction Projects. He has also worked for various municipalities regarding infrastructure. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

His career path has seen him responsible for over $400 million, in both the public and private sectors. And, at the end of the day, Kevin is a nice guy who develops great relationships with everyone he works with.

These career choices and moves have led him to quite a few accomplishments in his career. He has reformulated business strategies to improve overall income and profit for multiple companies. He incorporates state of the art technology in order to suit a business’ needs, and improve productivity.

His revenue enhancement plans have forecasted, and delivered, a 25% revenue increase. The human capital divisions that he has overseen, improved in multiple areas like staff retention, recruitment enhancement, and collective negotiations. These are the type of business solutions Seawright always brought to the table.

Through his hard work and savvy business sense, he has garnered himself recognition amongst the elite. His proven reputation and evidential track record, has also earned him multiple awards for financial responsiveness while he served various municipalities on the east coast.

In these times of responsiveness, Kevin Seawright demonstrated outstanding civil service, professionalism, and creative problem solving. At the end of his long days, he still finds time to coach youth sports. These are the types of businessmen that we need more of in the world.

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