Capturing Suspects with the Help of the Securus Technologies System

I work the narcotics division in our town and one of my jobs is finding suspects who have jumped bail and bring them to justice. There are a number of suspects who continue to operate right in the city limits under our noses because they either have a strong support network or they have informants telling them when we are getting close. Many of these suspects are not the kind of people you want roaming the streets at night.


One suspect in particular had not only been doing business as usual, he wold send tapes to my office begging for me to meet him alone so we could settle the score like two men. In those tapes, he reminded me on a number of occasions that I was cutting into his business and I would suffer personally if I did not back off. Of course, this was only going to make me work harder to get this suspect off the streets before he did more harm to innocent civilians.


Whether it be luck or his ability to sense trouble, there were a number of instances where this suspect barely escaped being caught. I was growing tired of having to answer to my superiors about why this suspect was flaunting his activities under our noses without being caught. I was recommended to head to the jail and take a look at the new Securus Technologies inmate communication system.


This system was impressive, and right in the middle of the investigation for this suspect, the covert alert feature pointed me in a new direction. We heard chatter this suspect was planning a robbery to get his hands on cash, and we were able to get there before he arrived and positioned our team to take him down.


Thanks to the covert alert feature, I have been using the system each day to bring these suspects to trial.


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