Big Management to Individual Banking

The Dallas based financial service company known as Nexbank has closed a deal on a $54 billion investment with institutional and high yielding investors regarding the “fixed-to-floating” rate for subordinate notes. NexBank has earned over $283 million in debt and equity since 2016.

These notes cannot be redeemed for a period of at least five years, with a mature date of September 30, 2027. The notes have a fixed rate of interest at 6.75% for the first five years, after which there is a “floating rate” of 458.5 in “basis” points; this being on the basis of the current three month spread.

Nexbank offers the following three financial services to its customers: Commercial, and institutional, as well as mortgage banking.

Nexbank had a value of $6.4 billion by the end of June 2017. With its main customers being offered to large corporations, investors of real estate, and the “middle market business. However, even though Nexbank makes a lot of money doing business with large businesses, they still remember to take care of their individual and family size customers.

Nexbank is headed up by its Chairman, James Dondero; whom is also the co-founder and President of the “Highland Capital Management, L.P.,” all the companies leaders bring with them a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and management skills as well as a strong desire to see to it that the company is successful.

Nexbank has offered excellent customer services for almost a century to the people of the great state of Texas. Our bankers are equipped with the experience and knowledge that can assist customers in every financial situation they may come across. Taking time to personally assist and develop a strategy with each customer on what is the best way to manage their current finances and future wealth. Offering several different types of accounts which match each individual account holder’s personal needs.

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