Avaaz – Power of the People

In a world where constant activism is such an important need, it can be hard to filter out what groups are making the most meaningful progress in the world sometimes. One of the leaders in activism in the United States and the world is the online based group Avaaz, who focus on such topics such as human rights and animal rights climate change, poverty, government corruption, and world conflicts. It was first launched in January 2007 byRes Publica and MoveOn.org and supported by Service Employees International Union, a founding partner. Since 2009 Avaaz has not taken any donations from corporations or foundations and instead relies solely on donations from individuals who have raised over $20 million dollars to date. Having campaigns in over 30 countries, with over 44,899,821 members in 193 countries it is one of the premiere activism groups in the world. Members are communicated with via email and uses both online activism as well as real world tactics to campaign.

With far reaching victories such as blocking chemical giant Monsanto from building a mega factory in Argentina to having the Defense Ministry in India creating a program that prevents the cruel euthanasia of old service horses and dogs to buying a 389-acre chunk of rainforest in Malaysian Borneo to preserve the diverse and threatened local ecosystem, Avaaz has worked tirelessly to improve the larger world.

A set of values governs all of the campaigns—the conviction that we are all human beings first, and privileged with responsibilities to each other, to future generations, and to the planet. That said, it’s also respected that people will often disagree with specific, and members participation in only the campaigns they believe in is vital to keeping the group working towards the goals of making the world a better place for all.

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