The Velvetines Lip Trend

Matte lip color has become one of the hottest trends right now. The dramatic look of a matte lip has become an eye catching current beauty look among makeup trend fans. It seems that nearly every lip color nowadays is more popular when it has a matte look. Matte lips that are the most popular are perhaps nude lips, rainbow hues, deep red, and deep purple hues. One of the makeup brands that has embraced the matte lip color trend fully is the “for unicorns” makeup company: Lime Crime.


The Velvetines lip colors have a unique formula. These lip colors go on as a liquid and dry to become a beautiful matte look. The Velvetines lip colors are fitting for anyone who wants colorful matte lip colors. Velvetines are available in usual lip color shades and also in more unusual shades. The Lime Crime company likes to always create unique seasonal shade options and they generally keep a wide range of rainbow hues available for their consumers. The company calls their customers: “unicorns”. It’s an endearment that means their consumers are unique and creative individuals, like the mythical unicorn.


Rest assured that no animals were harmed in the process of making the Velvetines lip colors. All of the liquid to matte lip colors are certified to be cruelty free and vegan. The company founder Doe Deere ensured that her company would be animal friendly because she loves animals. Doe Deere and her husband have pet cats that live with them in California.


Lime Crime sells their Velvetines to consumers for merely $20 a piece. The high quality matte lip color is fairly priced and more affordable than some of the other matte lip colors in the cosmetics market. You can also buy Velvetines in multiple sets for a fair price at If you want to try out the velvet matte lip trend for yourself, you should look into getting some Velvetines.


Troy McQuagge wins Gold for the CEO of the year award at the one planet business and professional awards

Many companies aspire to get to a success level where they will be recognized by the One Planet Business and Professional Awards. The award ceremony is one of the most famous in the world of business. The organizers of the event look for people that have been performing in an outstanding manner in business and award them. In this year’s edition of the awards, Troy McQuagge of the US Health Group was one of the biggest winners of the day. Troy took home the top award for CEO of the year award.


The award is well deserved by Troy. He has been working with the US Health Group since 2010 and has made tons of changes for the improvement of the group and their functions. When he started working with the team, he realized that their redistribution agency was very distressed at the time. He came up with a plan to reorganize the redistribution agency, and within no time, the operations of the company had started running smoothly. It is this success with the Agency and other great leadership qualities that led to his election as the CEO of the US Health Group, and also the reason he was nominated for the gold at the One Planet Awards.


He spoke about winning the award and said that he was deeply honored to have been recognized by the awards body. He added that this was a reflection on the competence of the US Health Group as a company and success in the commitment that they had made always to solve the needs of their patients when it came to the provision of health cover. He said that the group was doing well because they had embraced the art of creating products that suited the needs of the customer.


Troy McQuagge’s Background


Troy studied finance and the Central Florida University. His first job was with the Allstate Insurance Company until 1995 when he moved to UICI. Troy led the US Health Advisors branch of the US Health group before his appointment as the CEO of the group. With over 30 years of experience in health insurance, he is the best leader for the Company.




The internet turned almost everyone into a writer, and it’s not surprising that every other person has a blog. If you are one of these budding writers, here are some pointers from White Shark Media on how to utilize your SEO to get landing pages.

Most writing stems from the fact that the scribe wants to communicate to the outside world.


It is quite difficult to do this if you don’t have the keywords to reach your audience. Making sure that the article has the right SEO keywords almost gets the job done. The following advice by White Shark Media will ensure that your search engine will be pointing the right target audience to your website;




Be sure to select the right keywords and avoid overusing it. According to White Shark Media, all you need to remember is:


  • Repeat the SEO keyword at least two or three times in the content.


  • Avoid over repeating your keyword in the content. You can repeat it just two or three times.


  • Ensure that the keyword is also in the images you will use for the content.


  • Make sure the keyword is in the page title.


  • Always include the keyword in the headline.


  • Place your keyword in the Meta description.




  • Research the right keyword for your content. Start by typing the different types of keywords that are relevant to the content on the search engine by reviewing the SERPs and then choose the most relevant one. According to White Shark Media, you may use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Trends, and Word Stream to determine the right one.


  • Put your keywords into clusters and choose the best one. Start by placing them in lists, group them and then you can finally cluster them before determining the right one.


  • Ensure that your keywords can be titles and headlines. Use them as solving words or questions in the title or subtitles.


  • Find out synonyms of the keywords and include them in the content and headline thus ensuring that your search engine picks up an array of words during SEO.


  • Search engines also pick up search queries. So make sure that the keyword is included in the search box and various positions which you can highlight in the content.




White Shark Media is a premium digital marketing service designed to get the best out of your small and medium sized business online needs.

In July 2014, Google-branded the media company as one of only 29 Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners in the U.S. A. The group has received numerous glowing reviews from their growing list of clients.


Yanni Hufnagel: Best College Basketball Recruiter In America

College basketball can become quite predictable. There are the powerhouse schools, like Duke, that always seem to win. It’s almost like how the New York Yankees will always be good because they can spend the most amount of money. But colleges cannot spend money on their players, so how does Duke when all the time?


The answer is simple — they recruit better than any other college in the country. Duke likely puts aside a lot of money for its basketball team by issuing its entire roster athletic scholarships. And if you are one of the best high school college basketball players in the country, wouldn’t you want to play for the giant powerhouse? Most young men say yes to this question.


So, Duke sells itself. Recruiters for the school did not really impress me. But there is one recruiter in this country that really impresses me. Yanni Hufnagel, the early 30s Jewish assistant coach at the University of Nevada at Reno, is likely the best recruiter in the country.


He really got my attention recruiting for Harvard University back in 2009. Harvard is a tough school to sell because it’s incredibly hard to get into and you have to pay your way through school. Yanni Hufnagel had to tell prospective ballplayers that Harvard does not issue athletic scholarships. Oh, and he had to tell them Harvard does not lower its academic standards.


Despite these handicaps, Yanni Hufnagel was able to put together a roster that produced one NBA superstar and one the school’s first Ivy League championship. In 2011 alone, the team 26 games and climbed up into the national rankings for the first time in school history. Yanni Hufnagel makes the recruiters at Duke look like chumps. Just imagine what kind of team he could put together if he was in charge of one of those powerhouse programs.


The Most Common Procedures That Orthopedic Surgeons Like Greg Finch Can Handle

Knee arthroscopy is the procedure that receives the highest volume of procedures. The procedure uses an arthroscope to take a thorough look at the knee joint. Only a tiny incision is needed to insert the little camera. Torn meniscus or a misaligned patella is one of the most common diagnosis from this operation.

Carpal tunnel release surgery is another common and critical operation. When the surgeon opens up the affected area, they will remove the transverse carpal ligament to take pressure off of the median nerve. This is the only option that patients have to have significant recovery from pain.

Greg Finch is one of the most qualified surgeons in Australia to perform these operations. He had been trained at the University of Auckland to perform non-invasive surgeries to treat a number of disorders. He also has had specialty training with spinal surgeries.

After Greg Finch had finished his education, he became associated with the New Zealand Orthopedic Association. He also began working as a surgeon for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. In 2002, he started doing work for the Royal Orthopedic Hospital , Royal Perth Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. His work with these organizations had been on a long-term basis.

Greg Finch had acquired as wide variety of skills during his very diverse medical career. He has received specific training and experience trauma surgery, spinal surgeries, treatment of adult deformities and disc replacements. His work with the Shriners has given him much insight with spinal deformities, scoliosis, and how to treat these disorders using spinal decompression.

Greg has remained affiliated with a number of private and public organizations. His primary gig is as an orthopedic spine surgeon for Sunshine Coast Hospital. He still remains on call for the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. He also is connected to the Rockhampton Public Hospital.


Mark Okada to Ring Closing Bell at NASDAQ Marketsite

On October 12, 2016, Mark Okada of Highland Capital Management rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ in celebration of the listing of the company’s Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF. Okada is the co-founder and chief investment officer of Highland and the company’s retail arm, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisor, manages the iBoxx senior loan ETF.


A senior bank loan is any debt obligation that is paid before any other creditors. A senior loan secures a first lien claim on assets owned by a company and offers the potential for high yields based on the loan’s credit risk. Highland’s iBoxx senior loan ETF portfolio contains 100 of the most liquid leveraged loans available on the market today.


Highland Capital Management is one the most recognized alternative credit managers specializing in credit hedge funds, long-only funds and collateralized loan obligations. James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, and the company is based out of Dallas, Texas. Highland manages close to $18 billion in assets, including pension funds, endowments, foundations, high-net-worth individuals and financial institutions.


The sectors that Highland Capital Management holds for its institutional portfolio includes energy at 21.4 percent, financials at 19 percent, health care at 15.6 percent and technology at 24 percent, as of Dec. 31, 2016. The company holds 341 total positions with Twitter being the largest position in terms of the value of shares at $93 million. Highland holds $82 million in Loral Space & Communications and $44 million in Visa.

How the Technology and Fashion Industries Influence each other’s Growth

According to Christopher Burch, the technological and fashion industries have both experienced tremendous changes over the years. However, the remaining similarity between the two industries is that they grow together. Burch asserted that over time fashion becomes technologically fashionable while technology becomes fashionable. By shining light on the past and present growth experienced by the two industries, a lot is to be expected in the coming times.


The current times are characterized by a high synthesis of both fashion and technology. As such, fashion designers all over the world seem to take deep delight in creating clothes that deliver. For the designers, technology offers this possibility. Anouk Wipprecht from Dutch is one of the designers who has successfully married fashion and technology. In fact, she has created a reputation due to her avant-garde designs like a drink-making dress.


Through integrating fashion and technology, some designers like Tyrese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created Airbag for Cyclists. This fashionable bike protection is worn around neck as opposed to a helmet. Some designers have managed to recycle materials in a bid to come up with outstanding designs. Emma Whiteside recycled radiator copper to create a large gown while SegraSegra created t-shirts and jackets using recycled inner tubes from bicycles.


Fashion has also displayed the ability to awaken people to the recent technology trends like Google Glass. Diane Von Furstenberg ‘s model wore such glasses during a catwalk. This trend between the two industries points to some interdependence that allows both industries to grow together.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch is notably the CEO and founder of the Burch Creative Capital. In fact, the company boasts of an investment philosophy that expresses not only Burch’s entrepreneurial vision and values for support and scale, incubation, creativity, applying imagination and new market opportunities. These attributes have led to the creation of disruptive businesses and brands, which have a lasting, positive and direct impact on the lives of consumers.


Over the years, Burch has participated in the growth and development of over 50 companies. Burch has created a vast track record of connecting impact to innovation through integrating intuitive knowledge of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing experience. Through Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch has created a vast brand portfolio. Some of the latest brand additions include Nihiwatu ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, TRADEMARK and Cocoon9. These recent introductions join other existing brands including Voss Water, Faena Hotel+ Universe and Jawbone.

Troy McQuagge Is Honored For His Dedication And Service

The Gold Winner for the position of CEO is USHealth Groups Troy McQuagge. The One Planet Awards are globally coveted and honor professional excellence for all industries. These awards accept nominees both private and public from all over the world. The selections include non-profit, profit, private, public, smallest, largest and new start ups.Troy McQuagge began working for USHealth Group in 2010 and completely turned the company around. This led to his election as CEO and president of the company in 2014. His success in profitability and growth are unprecedented. The health insurance market is highly competitive and Mr. McQuagge has achieved the ultimate success with this award.Troy is also available on Facebook.

Mr. McQuagge feels the award is a true honor and was earned by the entire team at USHealth Group. He has said the award testifies to the companies commitment and efforts in providing innovative and affordable healthcare.The One Planet Awards are given for professional and business excellence. The honors are divided into separate categories to cover the different facets of businesses. These awards are recognized throughout the world and are an honor for those selected.

USHealth Group is a holding company for insurance based in Texas. They focus on innovative health care designed for people who are self employed and the owners of small businesses. Their products are marketed by their employees talents with the goal of offering products that are profitable and competitive. They strive to provide excellent customer service in all of the companies operations. For additional information please visit:

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur originally from Panama City in Florida. He was educated at the University of Central Florida and currently lives in Texas. His experience in business is sales related and encompasses thirty years. He has dedicated most of his career to the field of health care.Mr. McQuagge became the CEO of USHealth Advisors in 2010 and managed one of the health insurance factions. His primary targets were individuals less than 65 years of age. He has established himself as an expert in his chosen field.

The plans that has to make savings easy for the customers of the College Savings Bank of New Jersey

The cost of college education has been on the rise in the past few decades. Most parents are opting to get their children out of the trap that is college loans because of the long-term impact they have on the credit ratings of the child and also their financial well-being after they get their first job. Well, for parents who have been saving with the College Savings Bank of New Jersey, there is a reason to smile all the way to the bank, literally, because Nexbank just assimilated the bank.

Nexbank is a financial institution that was established more than a century ago and has been serving the locals in Texas and around the country with different solutions for their financial situations. The latest move by the bank to assimilate the college savings bank is in line with their strategy to do more to give back to the community in which they operate. According to the deal that was struck between the two companies, the College Bank will retain their name and brand logo, but they will be performing their operations as a subsidiary of the larger bank. The benefits that are in the deal for them include a larger customer base and more resources to support their activities. The CEO of Nexbank, John Holt, is the one that released the news about the merger.


Nexbank is a subsidiary of the Highlands Capital Management Group, which was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The bank’s current capital base is $3.5 million, and they are still expanding. The management of the bank hopes that this and other moves they are making will help them in achieving the growth they want. Initiatives that give back to the community that has invested with them over the years are their priority.


Desiree Perez, the woman behind Tidal’s Success

Music streaming has become a money-spinning business. Over time, many streaming services have cropped up, some have persisted the test of time, while others have been crushed by their competitors. All in all, none of those music streaming services stood out like Tidal/ROC nation. Tidal is music streaming service founded in 2015 by Shawn Carter popularly known as Jay-z. The music streaming company has had its share of wax and wane; its founders, especially Jay-Z, have tried to work different angles to ensure the company blossoms in the streaming world. Some of Tidal’s strategies failed, while some caught competitors unawares and swept them off their feet. Nevertheless, of all the decisions that Jay-z made, hiring Desiree Perez was the best decision he ever made.

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Desiree Perez is an executive of Tidal. Her presence in the company has made Tidal raise to its highest point. The skilled negotiator has made it easy for Jay-z to run the company and have helped him in his transformation from being a rapper to being a widely acclaimed businessman. Perez is a business woman and is well known in the entertainment circles. Her success is attributable to her successful career at SC Enterprises, a company she runs together with her husband, Juan Perez. Palpably, her wealth of experience in the entertainment industry has played a fundamental role in enhancing her prowess in providing strategic direction in Tidal.  For related story, hop over to

Talking about Tidal, without the mention of exemplary contributions by Desiree Perez would be an undoing, and we would out rightly be selling her short. Perez is said to have orchestrated the recent successes in Tidal. She is reportedly the one behind the high number of five-star exclusive artists that have flocked the music streaming company in the recent times. As what the site, shows, Her leadership skill and her determination have led to the renaissance of Tidal. Recently, the company has reportedly added a million trial members thanks to Perez and her exceptional leadership skills.  Follow her updates, visit

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