Focus on Adam Goldenberg, the Entrepreneurial co-CEO of JustFab Incorporated

Adam Goldenberg, the co-CEO of JustFab Inc. recently offered his views regarding what constitutes a “unicorn” company. He stated that a “unicorn” company has a valuation that surpasses $1 billion. He added that such a feat does not occur overnight. Adam Goldenberg has a mantra that states that if it was easy to build a business worth a billion dollars, then everyone would do it. This is an indication that a lot of time and effort are required before any company starts to realize a steady return. A good case scenario is Fabletics, a company that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, his partner started despite all odds being against them. Hard work and resilience has seen the business develop into one of the finest fashion retailer on the internet currently.


JustFab has over the years become a darling to thousands of savvy online shoppers all over the world with its huge product assortment from shoes to bags to denim and jewelry. JustFab has greatly endeared itself to its massive customers due to its model of offering every individual customer with products that are tailor made to suit their preferences and experience. This is the niche they have created for themselves. This model gives JustFab an edge over its competition as it does not throw the same products to all its customers like other online stores do.

Adam Goldenberg Named as Top 3 CEOs in LA that People Ought to Know

Adam Goldenberg was recently mentioned as one of the three CEOs based in LA that people ought to recognize by Built in Los Angeles. A well detailed article tracing his rise from humble beginnings shed light on his entrepreneurial journey from a young age. Adam Goldenberg started his Gamer’s Alliance when he was only 16 years old and sold it off to Intermix Media in 1999, a move that marked his start in the world of business dealings. He went on with his entrepreneurial journey and founded Intelligent Beauty, an incubator of trendy internet brands back in 2006. Four years later, he was involved in the founding of JustFab, which has enjoyed massive success in a short period of time.

Goldenberg advises young entrepreneurs on a number of important points to note from the early days of his startups. He stresses the importance of always being transparent and metric driven in order to learn from mistakes just like he and Don Ressler did in order to learn what works from the onset. He advises that entrepreneurs should develop this practice in order to sustain their business for the long term.

Promoting the essence of the Market America Convention 2017

Filled with color and much glamour, the convention occurred in Greensboro. In attendance was a huge crowd of people who had come to experience the celebration of one of a kind that marked the 25th anniversary of the event. The arrangements were carefully made as one of the most significant events in America took center stage. The well-furnished event helped in concluding that America is made up of happy people, committed to sharing bad times and struggles as well as triumphs and well-being. The panel taking the auditorium were well versed with knowledge one that can facilitate growth and development of the economy at large.

Achievements emanating

The Market America Convention 2017 achieved much on the initiative to develop improved and standardized conditions that help to ensure a success UnFranchise. Emphases were made on the importance of the convention sighting the urge it creates in creating a brighter future in fostering development. From its very humble beginnings, it was clear that by just 25 Years the organization had worked towards ensuring it changes the nature in which people handle their shopping.


The message from its chairman gave light to the importance of the right attitude contributes a lot to the progress of Market America Convention. Creating a positive mindset will enable one to improve in all aspects of life promoting the urge of success. Key business traits were elaborated to ensure everyone in attendance had a glimpse of the importance of engaging in a healthy business. The newest news and features in Market America is reliable and offers vital information in gaining a competitive market advantage over one’s competitors. A barrier separating those succeeding and the rest is the ability of the latte to do what it takes to achieve their set goals and objectives. Believes and attitudes become critical determinants in the success of any dealing.

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Don Ressler’s Determination to Enhance Gym Wear for Various Categories of Ladies

A survey conducted on women gym wear reveals that most ladies have been forced for the longest time to choose between fashionable or affordable wear and not both. In 2010, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler noticed an augmented demand for fitness wear which was bound to increase even further. The two entrepreneurs decided to establish Fabletics, an activewear line for ladies which focused on three essential elements functionality, affordability and fashion.

Don and Adam, after having several consumer tests and focus groups discovered some of the consistent difficulties that women faced while shopping for their gym. Ladies expressed that most of the sportswear in the market was ill-fitting, garish, and costly; hence, it was hard to get something that looked great and felt good without spending a lot of money.

Don Ressler brought in Celebrity Kate Hudson to be the face of Fabletics, and this made all the difference as she offers a friendly, appealing, and confident personality. Moreover, through personal and online interactions with the clients, she managed to connect with most of the ladies and was named a business partner which increased her passion for the brand.

It is never easy to start a new business venture, and Don and Adam were no different as they faced several financial issues at the beginning. Nevertheless, through hard work and determination, they two managed to enhance the sportswear industry by creating a line that offered ladies functionality, comfortability, affordability, and high quality.

What sets Fabletics apart from its rivals in the business is that they have a robust online presence and excellent grassroots appeal. Furthermore, with Kate’s on board, she brings her charisma and excellent conversational skills set them apart from the rest. Besides, they have in place a discount pricing system where clients could sign up for the VIP package and get sportswear at a discount, free shipping, and loyalty reward points. The other alternative is to either pay a flat monthly rate or a fee of $50 monthly. Ressler and Goldenberg are pleased with the outcome of their business where they can boost the confidence of the everyday woman who is interested in taking care of their health while enjoying how they look.

There are so many future possibilities for Fabletics, and in 2017 they announced that they would expand their market to cater for the plus size category. This is because there are many plus size ladies looking to improve their health and Fabletics will offer them an incentive and comfort to shed off extra kilos, get in shape, and cater for their bodies.

Amazing Services that Vincent Parascandola offer in the Financial Sector.

One of the biggest international property management and security organizations that are situated in Paris is known as AXA Advisors. The organization offers clients with an extensive range of services such as investment management, financial security, asset allocation and insurance services and many others. The organization is able to be recognized due to the exceptional status in the finance sector and also is the best financial brands in the market. Furthermore including Western Europe, Asia, Pacific and North Africa are part of the continent that AXA Advisor attends to their clients. The organization also assists charitable projects with the AXA Research Fund whereby the major emphasis is to stop dangerous that may affect the surroundings.

Foremost Vincent Parascandola began his career at Irving Trust Company he went for his education degree at Pace University. When he completed University he attained a degree in Computer Science and was hired at Prudential Insurance. He also progressed with his journey career at MONY Life Insurance Firm before moving to AXA Advisors. Through his entire career working in a different organization, Mr. Parascandola was able to attain experience in the financial advisory services these enabled him to become the assistant manager of the AXA New York Metro Branch at AXA Advisor. Now he serves as the executive vice president of AXA advisor, a segment of AXA Group Inc.

According to RocketReach, at the organization, he ensures that he employs insurance agents, managing financial professionals and also the development and enlargement of the firm hence they will be able to attain their objectives. Furthermore, he trains staff members with expertise and abilities on financial advisory services. He as well manages the daily activities that contain sales and marketing in the organization. Vincent Parascandola is motivated because of the various awards that he has received in more than the last 25 years such as Career Development and Master Agency Award by GAMA and much more. The rapid development of the organization is due to add in of the major important insurance agencies. Vincent Parascandola is also an influential public speaker on a different occasion he ensures that he teaches his customers on the profits of early retirement plans. You can visit Vimeo to see more.

Fabletics Is Leading the Way With Their Original Marketing Strategies Again

Fabletics has always been a pioneer in the fashion industry. They are always coming up with new marketing strategies, and they are always leading the way when it comes to marketing in general. This can be clearly seen from the way they are leveraging the power of the crowd to increase sales and grow their business.


Fabletics is one of the brands that are capitalizing on the way people trust online reviews and on how consumers do research online. Since Fabletics was launched in 2013, it grew by over two hundred percent, and it is now worth well over two hundred and fifty million dollars. They also have one million active paying subscribers. According to Shawn Gold, who is the director of marketing at Techstyle, the parent company of Fabletics, this growth was achieved because Fabletics has always been keen on leveraging the power of the crowd.


As you are certainly aware, the internet plays an important role in many people’s lives. When it comes to doing research about a product, it is no different. Customers look for online reviews a lot. They trust them, too. A study showed that customers trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation made by a family member or a friend. Eighty four percent of people said that, and this number goes up each year the study is conducted.


The CEO of Trust Pilot put it best when he said that consumers do not trust messages put out by brands during advertising campaigns, but that there is safety in the reviews put out by other consumers online.


The number of consumers who search for online reviews on a regular basis currently stands at around fifty percent, but there is a standard increase of twenty three percent each year. As the years go by, it is imperative that brands start paying attention to the power of the crowd.


Brands understand this. That is why seventy six percent of the top brands now feature user reviews and testimonials on their product pages and websites. This is an increase of seventy percent from just three years ago. Another study showed that when consumers search online when they are in stores, sixty five percent of the time they are actually searching for online reviews and not for price comparisons. This shows that sometimes, consumers may actually care more about a product not having good reviews than whether or not the price is low.


Kate Hudson, the actress who starred in the film Almost Famous, has been the one who brought Fabletics to their current greatness. She is widely regarded as the one who came up with the original ideas that Fabletics is using to successfully grow their brand. She has helped them shape their customer service strategy and gain a top rating with the BBB. She is an ambassador for Fabletics and highly recommends their clothing. It is a good idea to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz and find out which clothing is good for you.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Providing High-Class Medical Care to Her Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among the few women aesthetic surgeons who have made a mark in the medical field. She has worked in New York before returning to her hometown in Austin where she started the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin. Being a single mom by choice, she has beautifully balanced her medical career with looking after her twin sons Houston and Rex.

Ever since starting her center in Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden has become one of the best the city has ever seen. Using modern and the most advanced technology, she has been able to bring the greatest aesthetic surgery techniques to the people here. She specializes in many different techniques, including Botox, liposuction, brow lifts, breast augmentation and also non-invasive laser treatments. What sets her apart from other surgeons is her use of technology in her work. She also develops her instruments for her surgeries that are also available to other surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also became one of the first surgeons in the area to use ThermiVA that are used for vaginal tightening. While most people think that they are used for aesthetic purposes, they are also used to treat many discomforts like menopausal atrophy and stress incontinence. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, plastic surgery is not just about changing the appearance of the body parts, but it is also about restoring the confidence of people by helping people with deformity live a normal life.

Dr. Jennifer Walden helps build relationships with her patients so that they are comfortable throughout the procedure. It is also essential for her to discuss the expectant results with her patients before starting any medical procedure. Using her years of experience working with the world’s best plastic surgeon, she has been able to provide the top-quality care to her patients using the latest technology equipment at her center.

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White Sharks Media Helps Businesses to Grow

For so many years now, digital marketing has been associated with the original brands. Hence, all the strategies set out mostly leave out the small and medium-sized business owners. That makes it difficult for such owners to grow and expand their enterprises and if they finally manage to do so, it will have taken a lot of time and money. Fortunately for such businesses, White Shark Media came with the solutions to suit them perfectly and at rates that will not leave a hole in their bank accounts. White Shark Media was set up in 2011 by three entrepreneurs who have been in the on and offline marketing for long, saw the need to create a platform through, which small businesses could grow themselves by taking advantage of digital marketing. Due to top-notch services to the clients the company has seen tremendous development and is among the fastest growing in North American digital agencies.

White Shark Media’s primary goal is to help their clients attract and retain customers through search marketing campaigns such as Ad words; hence, increasing their sales and profits. Also through their strategies, they can help their clients stand out in the face of competition. However doing so is not a bed of roses and requires a lot of innovation. Luckily, White Shark Media gets to achieve its objectives through various ways as shown below.

When a client gives their money, they expect the best. That cannot be achieved if the staff have no experience or knowledge of what they are doing. White Shark Media knows this, and that is the reason why all their employees are highly trained and who have come from the best university to ensure that they can handle whatever it takes hence help your business soar to greater heights.

To make a business thrive, the level of promotion matters a lot. With this kind of knowledge in hand, White Sharks Media goes an extra mile into tailoring strategies which suit businesses personally. Therefore if you are in the insurance industry the method that will be used to market your firm will be entirely different from a similar company. To achieve this, White Sharks makes sure that it evaluates your business to know where to advertise to reach the target audience.

White shark media is your number one option if you own a small or medium-sized business. The company has qualified staff and uses strategies, which help you to expand at pocket-friendly rates. Due to this, it is among the SMB’s chosen by Google to help you. Therefore, you can trust that it will help your business achieve the next big step.

Jose Auremo Neto, the Brain Behind the Biggest Malls in Brazil

The Brazilian experts by name Jose Auremo Neto happen to be the chairman and the chief executive officer of the first JHSF Participatoes which is a real estate company that focuses on the development of residential and commercial estates located around Brazil. He happens to be a great business mogul with vast expertise in real estate and has tremendous influence over the past few years.

The great businessman has been on the frontline pushing for good and proper development in  Brazil. He also has specialized knowledge when it comes to building the best and some of the highest rated malls in the country. Some of the greatest and the most successful designs include Cidade Jardim which is a shopping mall that is located in Sao Paulo.

Other great ventures that Jose Auremo Neto has seen being developed under his companies include Bela Vista which is located in Salvador and also Metro Tucuruy. The famous Penta Nogra Shopping center was also constructed or rather developed by JHSF under the watch of their powerful chairman, Jose Auremo Neto. There are so many developments in Brazil in progress but the two major ones currently being developed in Sao Paulo.

Jose Auremo Neto has been on the frontline working towards the development of various modern properties that have turned Brazilian to be a beautiful and attractive city. He has been on the frontline signing essential partnerships with multiple organizations like Pucci, Hermes and also Jimmy Choo. This has led to the opening of the great city called Cidade Jardim which is a vast shopping complex located in Brazil, Sao Paulo city.

Jose Auremo is also the Alumni of the famous Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University which is one of the most Brazilian prestigious universities. He later joined JHSF in the year 1993 and has been in the company since then.

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Equities First Holdings UK

The company changed names in September of 2014. every since then the company has gone by Equities First Holdings. The company has offices all across the earth. The main focus for this essay is the UK office based in London. The company is a financial advising agency. The business tends to help people with problems they come across while dealing money. The business is also known for their ability to issues out loan to certain customers. The rates on the loans are not shelf, and steady. The loan are bond securities, and help people buy things or save up for certain goal. While the loans are good for the person asking for the loan, they are also good for the company and the investors. The loans provides a safe return, that is also very rewarding. Investor get money every quarter depending on the performance of the company.


A Brief Look at Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career Profile

Dr. Mark Holterman practices in Peoria at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He is an accomplished pediatric surgeon with a focus on stem cell therapies. Dr. Mark is the founder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. Nonetheless, he doesn’t employ embryonic stem cells in his studies. Instead, he focuses on research projects centered on fetal stem cells sourced from parents whose children died through miscarriage. One of the benefits of fetal stem cells over embryonic stem cells is their greater differentiation potential. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Health Grove.

Mark Holterman has over two decades of experience in the pediatric surgeon. He currently practices as an attending physician at St. Francis Medical Center. Dr. Mark Holterman took part in a nine-hour operation on a 32-month-old Korean kid whose trachea was not well developed. Besides extensive clinical and scientific expertise, the operation relied on the Biospherix Xivivo cell incubation and engineered stem cell-based trachea. The Xivivo system enables the growth and storage of cell cultures. In fact, it can be configured in multiple different ways. Dr. Mark Holterman commits to advancing the world of medicine and finding a cure for chronic diseases such as diabetes.

About Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Holterman has been working as a full professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine since 2011. Besides, he serves as an attending pediatric surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Illinois, the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, and St. Francis Medical Center. Dr. Mark Holterman maintains memberships with several professional organizations such as the American Academy of Paediatrics and the American College of Surgeons. As a specialist in pediatric surgery, Mark J. Holterman’s research interests include novel cancer treatments, obesity, stem cell therapies, and regenerative medicine. Visit to know more.

Dr. Mark Holterman went to Yale University, where he majored in biology. He went ahead to receive his MD and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Afterwards, Mark completed a residency in general surgery at Virginia University. He completed his fellowship in pediatric surgery at the Medical Center through the University of Washington and Children’s Hospital. He has previously worked at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as surgeon-in-chief and Rush University Medical Center as an attending pediatric surgeon.