An Update On George Soros

Today, we speak of George Soros. We include this powerful billionaire in an open discussion with the now United States president.

Rumors and financial figures press the media to believe George Soros lost close to 1 billion dollars during U.S. election. It comes as no surprise then that the investor Soros is telling the same media of Donal Trump’s demise. And it’s not that George Soros aims to sabotage the new U.S. Presidency.

The standing U.S. President is said to be incompetent according to the self-made billionaire. George had donated $2.5 million to support the Hillary campaign and the last these his name was discussed in the same phrase with Pres., Trump. The urgent push by George Soros suggests that Trump is set to destroy himself.

The current changes and public display in the Trump campaign also came under scrutiny. The condition on Business Insider is accumulating opposition targeted and aimed the Trump administration and for its deficiencies. George Soros and even the U.S. people are following this trend and the same strong sentiment seen in U.S. Media.

But there are also skeptics who feel that George Soros is only publicly fuming his frustration after losing over $800 million and from the new, standing U.S. Presidency. The specific quotes made by Soros is why the online community is in an uproar. That Donal Trump is “an imposter,” is being used on many headlines today.

You will also hear Trump being called a “con man” and by the billionaire investor George Soros. The real consideration from this calamity felt by many in politics today is that expectations weren’t met. The current U.S. President is revealing, as felt by modern U.S. sentiment, that he may posses numerous inabilities on Forbes.

It’s common for politicians to enter office and perform differently from their promises made during the election trail. Yet what we get from the general message spread through George Soros is that the failures of Trump today were things obvious during his campaign.

George Soros publicly called Donald Trump a failure and to symbolize how the U.S. President has done nothing impressive to date. Let’s us see where this all goes. …

– The Life Of George Soros

George Soros got his start as a world-renown philanthropist from his history of once being a refugee. The investor’s Hungarian heritage was left behind, lost in his native country and taken at his young age of 13. All of this occurred in a great escape of George and his family while fleeing Nazi occupation in WWII.

His career as a credited investor began in London where his family found refuge though. The early days in Europe enabled Soros to find work in a train yard and then eventually as a restaurant server on These odd jobs gave George the option of going to school.

That’s exactly what the mogul did to be one of the world’s greatest financial minds.

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  1. I believe that President Trump might not be loved by some Americans, it is the same all over the world. Having this guided meditation for starters is a great encouragement. Trump has been verbally abused no doubt, but I believe the fume of Soro would not be unconnected with the defeat of Hillary. George has been a great philanthropist however, sinking that much money in Hillary’s campaign was the worst move he has ever made.

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