A sitting with the Chainsmokers’ very own, Alex Pall

A sitting with the Chainsmokers’ very own, Alex Pall

Be introduced to Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers, a DJing, and song producing duo. The pair has released many hit singles for example “Closer,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” The Chainsmokers are ambitious, trying to portray themselves not just as beat makers but also as genuine artists with thoughts and feelings. Alex Pall was a DJ growing up, a hobby of his that led him to DJing in New York City. His then manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart who moved from Maine, Alex quit his job, and the dynamic duo was born.

The two knew what they could contribute to the group, and most of their conversations were based on what they loved regarding music. The two wanted to make this happen. Drew is a talented producer, and Alex had many DJing jobs, and they got together every day, worked on music and molding their identity as real artists. For the Chainsmokers, producing music is more than just a job that pays their bills, but they are determined to make music that people relate to and on a deeper level. A self-discovery journey. The duo has become more prominent than what most could have imagined, and they are always trying new things.

The songs the Chainsmokers write are about themselves. They do write these songs themselves and at times get help from other songwriters. The pair wanted to launch an album which had to some point related songs. Alex Pall commented that working with Halsey on their single, “Closer,” was exciting. He went on to say that she is incredible, a unique artist, very cool, and has a powerful voice. The kind of artist the Chainsmokers like to work with.

Alex says that thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms, they can tell who is connecting to their music. To him they are at a higher level reaching the 16 to 25 club. The Chainsmokers make their music, and they appreciate the fact that people are emotionally connected to their music. They push themselves to offer people new experiences.


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