A Better Solution For Medical Aesthetics: Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

Jennifer Walden, M.D., has helped to transcend the medical industry thanks to her brilliance in medical aesthetics. Trying to find a more accomplished female surgeon than Walden could be a problem because she has done so much for the medical community. Despite being young in age, Dr. Walden has put-in just as much work as the doctors who have many more years of experience. Her passion actually fuels her desire, and her brilliant way of thinking has been the catalyst to many medical interventions. The former all-state soccer player loved sports, and she has four other siblings.

Did you know that Dr. Walden was just elected for a high-position with the affluent American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? Yes, this is very correct as she will serve as Secretary for the Society’s Executive Committee. This nomination is fairly big within this small community and she currently holds the position as the Society’s Commissioner of Communications. What more could you ever ask for from a top-rated medical professional. Dr. Walden has definitely raised the bar. The Texas-beauty also serves her role as a consultant for many of the premier medical-aesthetic companies, including Smart Graft, Thermi, Lumenis, Sciton and others. Thanks to her well-rounded understanding of the business, she is a national spokeswoman for the Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit, which is a do-it-yourself sizing kit for breast implants. This extraordinary woman is all over the board and there doesn’t seem to any slowing-down in the years to come.

Dr. Walden’s love for her craft is immense. She has an ingenious mind in which it has helped her to create her very own breast surgery instruments. These innovative instruments can be purchased internationally by medical surgeons. In the end, Dr. Jennifer Walden may go-down as one of the very best surgeons to ever do it and that speaks volumes.

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