Waiakea Water Utilizes Natural Purification for Healthy Bottled Drinking Water

When Ryan Emmons visited his uncle in the busy farms of Hawaii on one afternoon, he did not know that the visit would transform him into becoming one of the youngest chief executive officers in the world. Of course, many of us would agree that it is almost impossible to come across a 25-year-old whose startup has taken over the world of bottled water business by impacting 700 million consumers.

Who is Ryan Emmons and how is he Connected to Waiakea Water?

Emmons is not only the founder but also the chief executive officer of the famous Waiakea Hawaiian Water. Having started his business in his early 20’s, he had the chance to brainstorm several ideas while in college. Luckily, he had the right pointers in business making him the man who disrupted the water manufacturing industry with a bang.

Waiakea Water

Hardly is Waiakea your typical brand of bottled water. The brand is not just sourced from an organic outlet. It is involved in numerous global sustainability efforts. With the help of its founder, Ryan Emmons, the company has taken tremendous steps towards advocating for environmental safety during the manufacture of water.

Bringing Waiakea Water to Life

Ryan Emmons was raised in California and Hawaii. He always enjoyed the beautiful surrounding nature that led him to develop a deeper liking for the environment and healthy living. In one of his environmental excursions, he found himself admiring a bountiful water source. That thought marked the onset of a revolutionary idea that has since transformed his life and that of Waiakea’s consumers.

Supporting Africa

With the proceeds from Waiakea, he supports charitable efforts. This idea originated from his past work experiences in Africa. Currently, he is using this idea to brand Waiakea Water to develop a concept that supports Africans by providing them with sustainable water sources.

Where does Waiakea Come From?

Waiakea is alkaline water originating from the Mauna Loa. Because the area experiences rain for 360 days out of 365 days, the volcano is always flowing constantly. Waiakea sips its purification from the flowing water as it has nutrients.

The General Observation

Waiakea utilizes revolutionary technology alongside the unique filtration process that allows it to consume minerals from its source.


Jason Hope Helps Nonprofit Tackle Aging and Age-Related Ailments

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Arizona, is one of the largest proponents and contributors of anti-aging research. Known for his passion for philanthropy in scientific research and disease cures, Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a California nonprofit organization focused on extending the human life span and preventing age-related ailments.

The SENS foundation is among many organizations that use biotechnology as a means for discovering ways to reverse the aging process and prevent age-related ailments. Through biotechnology, the SENS foundation hopes to use organisms, systems, and biological processes to create and manufacture products that can help enhance the quality of human lives. The SENS foundation runs laboratories, conducts medical and scientific research, and organizes its own conferences and events that are dedicated to spreading awareness of their work and changing the perception of aging.

According to SENS Foundation Chief Executive Officer Mike Kope, Jason Hope’s financial contribution and support of the foundation’s research has helped the foundation expedite its work. Specifically, Hope’s contribution has helped found and equip the Cambridge SENS laboratory in the U.K., initiate a new research program, and develop medication for targeting advanced glycation end-products that can grow in human tissue as one ages and lead to high-blood pressure and other health-related conditions that can stem from aging.

Another way that Jason Hope’s financial contribution has helped anti-aging research is by enabling the SENS foundation to evaluate methods for preventing artery-cell proteins from bonding. According to Aubrey de Grey, the leader and chief science officer of the SENS foundation, preventing artery-cell proteins from bonding can help prevent arteries in blood vessels from hardening, which, similar to glycation end-products, can also result in high-blood pressure.

Jason Hope believes that the SENS foundation’s work, along with other organizations, has the potential to completely change the face of healthcare, biotechnology, and what it means to age. He has largely supported the foundation for its work in finding ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, and believes that scientists will one day be able to find a way to reverse the aging process. With more donors like Hope, the SENS foundation, along with many others, can continue to make progress in their work. One thing for sure is that Hope’s contribution to the cause helps bring the once-distant concept of anti-aging one step closer to becoming a new reality.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Lime Crime: Unique, Bold Makeup for a Unique, Bold You!

Color. Eyes. Eye shadow. Shades. Bold. Bright. These are all great descriptive words to describe the fabulous eye shadow palettes offered by “Lime Crime” by Doe Deere. But now, instead of having only three different palette’s with amazing wonderful colors to choose from, “Lime Crime” has just launched a fourth one, the Venus 3!

Eye shadow palette’s have been a great success for “Lime Crime” from the get-go. When the very first one, the Venus palette, first launched, the masses went completely wild with delight! The Venus palette caters more of earth tone shades with eight different colors to select from. Then there was the introduction of Venus 2. The Venus 2’s eight different shades are bold, bright and statement making colors such as blue, yellow, orange and green. Whereas Venus XL offers 18 different shades of pinks, reds, peach and beige, the new Venus 3 is something different all together!

This fun palette offers eight shades of pink, tones of purple, and even a shimmering silver! Looking for sparkle? Venus 3 has it. Sophistication? This palette’s got you covered! With this new palette the possibilities are endless! And with “Lime Crime’s” unique formula known for being silky smooth and won’t fade, this palette is definitely a must have for any color enthusiast!

And, like all “Lime Crime” products the new Venus 3 eye shadow palette is of course vegan free and cruelty free!

If you are new to “Lime Crime” they offer more than just eye shadow palette’s. In addition to fabulous different hues for your eyes, “Lime Crime” offers an array of lip tints, lip shimmers and lip plushies to accentuate the perfect look that you are going for! And don’t forget to check out the Unicorn hair color selection, with semi-permanent hair tints such as pink, red, green and blue to complete your ensemble your way!

Be on the look out as it appears that 2018 is going to be a busy, fun filled year for “Lime Crime” and the may be even more product launches set for the near future!

Make a statement. Be bold. Be unique. Be YOU.

O2Pur Has Changed The World of Electronic Cigarettes

eCigs also known as vaping continues to grow in popularity; millions of people have been switching from regular old cigarettes to the new and improved eCigs. Electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity for the following reasons:

  •  Cheaper
  •  Tastes and smells better
  •  More fun

The Cost

Thanks to companies like O2Pur have continually cut costs for electronic cigarettes. It may not be the main reason why people are switching from regular cigarettes, but it is definitely a bonus. Thanks to companies like O2Pur vaping is now 40 percent cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Thousands of Flavors

Vaping comes with thousands and thousands of choice flavors making it a very tasteful experience. The flavors make it much more enjoyable and instead of smelling like an ashtray; you will smell like the delicious flavor of your choice. O2Pur offers several different high qualify flavors; making it so anyone can find the flavor that is right for them.

Vaping Is a Blast

I know what you are thinking:

What could be fun about vaping? The fun fact here is that vape can be manipulated in ways that smoke from a cigarette cannot. Vaping has become such an art that vape competitions are taking place around the world. People are able to do some crazy tricks with vape and some people have even made a living from their passion for doing these tricks for people to see.

What is the Catch?

The hardest part about getting into vaping is that it can be costly up-front. You have to start out with buying the juice, and also need the accessories to be able to use it. O2Pur has recognized this issue and has solved it. They offer incredible deals on starter kits so that anyone interested can get started. Keep in mind even though the started kit may seem like a big investment because vaping is cheaper than smoking those old tobacco cigarettes it will pay itself off in no time.

End Citizens United Targets Big Money 20

There are so many people out there who are fed up with the way things are going with politics. They are going to come out and vote in the 2018 midterms and we’ll have a good idea of what they want when we see the results come this November. End Citizens United wants to make sure these fired up voters do all they can to take on big money in politics, so the PAC is targeting a number of politicians it deems the “Big Money 20”. This list of politicians does what it can to help support corporations and others who want to place the wrong interests before those of the American public. Getting them out of office is paramount to the endgame of this PAC.

The Big Money 20 are a collection of politicians who have allowed corporate interests to overtake the interests of the voters. They are located across the country, but some are located in particularly vulnerable areas due to demographics or voting trends. Exploiting this to great effect is going to be absolutely paramount to making sure the upcoming midterms go according to plan. This isn’t just another election. It’s a chance to take back what belongs to the people.

The disappointments we have seen due to the shifts in politics has opened the door for those who want to change the way we do things. Those who are not happy with the status quo are going to find a way to change things until it is the way they wish things to be. The elections we’ve seen so far all seem to have that common theme of a surprise outcome. People did not expect Alabama and Pennsylvania to swing the way they did in recent special elections, but the results have confirmed that we are going to witness a comeback for the left. The frustrations over Donald Trump have certainly played a major role in all of this.

There is going to be something big happening this November, but we’re going to have to stay tuned to realize exactly what it is. If we see Democrats take over the Senate or House, it will likely mean the Big Money 20 are out of office. There is always a time for everything to end and it’s only right that this election serve as the end for the politicians who put the interests of corporations before their constituents.

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Upwork: Managing Your Time Effectively with To–Do Lists

In 2015 freelance platform Elance rebranded themselves into the company Upwork. Today Upwork stands as one of the largest freelance platforms in the entire world. In total, they service 12 million freelance professionals in addition to 5 million business clients. Every single year around $1 billion worth of business is conducted on their platform.

Upwork has created an image for itself as a valuable tool for freelance professionals to get a start. You will be able to gain significant experience in your field without needing to pitch potential clients cold. Some projects are paid on an hourly basis while other projects are paid on commission or completion.

In addition to their platform for freelancing Upwork also has their own blog which they used to publish material related to enhancing personal productivity. They have recently published an article about how to effectively use a to-do list. To-do lists are one of the most powerful tools that you can use to enhance your time management skills if you can master them.

The overall process of creating and organizing a to-do list is fairly simple. Upwork first recommends that you start the night before and do not wait until the morning. Many times an individual will waste valuable time in the morning that could be being used productively had they proactively created their task list.

Another common pitfall of task lists is the creation of completely un-organized task lists. If you have gone about creating a task list, you should take the few extra minutes in order to organize it. This will allow you to move through each item on the list in an efficient and effective manner rather than haphazardly jumping from one task to another. One way that you can enhance your productivity and results with to-do lists is by grouping similar items on the list together. In industry and business, this is called batching. Whenever you are working on a particular set of tasks that are similar in nature, you will often find that you move through them more effectively than jumping from one task type to another in a haphazard manner.


Jason Hope Revolutionising Ageing and Its Complications

There is such a great number of diseases and issues relating to health that many people in the world are facing in this current age. These health issues range from life threatening complications to minor diseases of which, of course, having a great effect on the affected people’s communities and also not forgetting their families. On the flip side, regardless of our lifestyles or living patterns, location, wage class or health we are all affected by the one condition we all tend to think of last, that is ageing, which no one can run away from nor evade.

Generation after generation has noted it as a process in our lives which seems to be impossible to escape which every single human being faces regardless of their daily health levels or routines. As age catches up to us, our skin becomes wrinkled and rigid, inability to do what we could do at a younger age in time and our bones also break down. A large number of health conditions tend to get worse as we continue to age. Such mentioned diseases tend to, at times, bring forth conditions that threaten our lives or at the very least, they affect the families and also lower our way of living. These diseases are such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer and arthritis. The medical industry has made great steps in challenging these medical problems but unfortunately they have only been able to aim their focus to treat but not stop the occurrence of the said health risks.

The research being run so far only aims at helping the victims of these conditions to handle the various issues of these serious diseases instead of dealing with the main cause of the patients’ issues’ which tends to mean a lack of salvation for the patients. Jason Hope though, a philanthropist from Arizona, has gone the opposite route of the conventional medical approach. Jason Hope is pumping in funds to research bodies that are working to help to reverse or slow down the process of ageing to change how organizations dealing with health face off against ageing.

Jason Hope is known to work closely with the SENS Foundation which he has donated funds for their research. In the year 2010 in December, he donated 500,000 dollars to the organization which avails the citizens to get hold of preventive and anti-ageing technology. The organization was launched in 2009 which employs biotechnology to improve lives and prevent these diseases. Jason Hope has only great word for the organization towards their goal of trying to find a way to fight off ageing and age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Nick Vertucci Earned A Fortune Working In The Real Estate Industry

Life hasn’t always been easy for Nick Vertucci. But he’s on easy street now because of real estate. Vertucci’s father died when he was ten years old and his family struggled to make ends meet. As a teenager, Nick Vertucci lived in his van. Driven to succeed, he took old computer parts and started a lucrative computer accessories company. He got married, bought a home and had some kids. Life was great for a while. Then in 2000, the dot.com bubble burst and Vertucci found himself broke, unemployed and struggling to keep his family afloat. Times were tough and he didn’t see a way out.

In 2004, a friend took Vertucci to a 3-day real estate seminar that gave him hope. He learned enough to begin generating a consistent income. Vertucci spent the next 10 years gathering information about buying, selling and renting real estate, finding funding and buyers, refining his techniques and investing in the growth of his company. By 2014, Nick Vertucci was a financially stable multimillionaire. But he wanted a way to help others free themselves from the pain and uncertainty that comes from being as broke as he had been. So he started the NV Real Estate Academy.

At Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy he teaches people to use the turnkey system he has developed to build a lucrative career in real estate. Thousands of people have graduated from the academy and gone on to make lots of money. You don’t have to be super-smart or have lots of money to make the NV Real Estate Academy work for you. Anyone willing to follow step-by-step instructions can make money using the lessons taught at the academy. Nick Vertucci has spent 10 years developing a system that has enabled even broke high school dropouts to earn six figure incomes in real estate in a matter of months.

Money isn’t a problem for Nick Vertucci. He and his family enjoy the finer things in life. Through the NV Real Estate Academy he can give anyone that wants it the tools, training and guidance necessary to become financially independent.

Chris Linkas Backing Financial Advice to Invest Young

Investing for retirement and well-being in the future is something that all workers need to be thinking about. While a lot of people put the conversation and planning off for later, the benefits of starting planning and saving for retirement at an early age are greatly beneficial. Following are some of the ways that investing at a young age can benefit those entering the workforce today.

Growing Investment

Compounding interest – by investing at an early age, compounding interest allows the money that is invested to grow larger by the time an investor reaches retirement age. The numbers are staggering when looking at an investor that starts at the age of 20 versus the age of 30. When a person gets older than that, potential retirement savings can drop significantly. Investment guru Chris Linkas stresses the importance of investing at a young age for the investor to put compound interest to work for them.

Taking Risk

Taking a risk – investing at a young age allows the investor an opportunity to put their money in riskier markets to gain a higher potential return on their dollars. At an older age, investors are less likely to put their money at risk and stay very conservative which doesn’t give their funds the chance to grow exponentially. Chris Linkas also lists the opportunity to learn markets and trends at a young age can pay off over a career of investing.

Start Early

Becoming smarter with Monday – investing early allows people to start thinking about their financial well-being at an earlier age (https://www.discogs.com/artist/2617983-Chris-Linkas). Investing helps people develop better spending habits in helping them realize that saving money is actually earning money in their bank accounts.

Secured Future

Gaining a leg up – investing at an early age allows investors to be in a comfortable place as they near retirement. They won’t be scrambling to take risks at an older age to secure their financial future when retiring. Chris Linkas highlights that by starting investing early, a person can secure their financial future and be in a happy place at retirement. Nobody works their entire career to be stressed out about finances when they hit their golden year.


IC System a Collection Agency That Respects the Individual

IC System is a company that specializes in the field of accounts receivable. It is also known as a collection agency. The company got started in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. They wanted a company that would give their customers honest and highly ethical service. IC System is still owned and run by the Erickson family. Their goal of providing high ethics and honesty to their customers has withstood the test of time.

IC System has always prided itself to be at the forefront of the accounts receivable industry. As an example they were the first collection agency to upgrade from typewriters to computers in 1968. They are always up to date as far as following the latest regulatory and compliance standards. They have an industry reputation of being a very up to date and secure collections agency.

The company tries to improve financial objectives for both the consumer and the client. They try to offer honest and ethical solutions for both parties. They use friendly and ethical practices when dealing with the consumers of debt. Because of this IC System has been nominated as a finalist for an award known as the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. This occurred in the years 2013, 2014, and in 2015 (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ic-system).

This company has a series of core values that they adhere to. People who are either consumers of debt or creditors are always treated with respect and courtesy. They always try to do the right thing. They are able to get good results for their clients. They take pride in their business and they are always striving to find more efficient and better ways to get things done. IC System awards their best employees their Core Value Award every business quarter. It is one of the ways that IC System helps to incentivize their employees. The company plans and takes part in charitable events. They also try to help out employees who are facing catastrophic health or other overwhelming personal situations. They care about making money of course but they also consider the needs of their fellow man and their community.