Tony Petrellos’ life and philanthropic nature.

For quite some time now Mr. Tony Patrello has been in the limelight for his philanthropic giving that have gone out to help those that are less fortunate in the society. His donations have not only touched the lives of a few people but has been used for the greater good of even those that are unaware. This is because a large part of his donations has gone out to fund research initiatives. For example, Tony Petrello recently donated 5 million dollars all to be used for research purposes for the greater good of the community and later went on to pledge an extra 2 million dollars to be used for the same cause in the future.

Tony Petrellos’ humble acts of charity are rooted in his generous nature that enables him to care for others who might not be privileged and able as others. This story has a personal side to it since for more eight years now Mr. Patrello has directly been involved in assisting her daughter to perform simple tasks due to her neurological condition.

Through her condition Mr. Patrello’s daughter called Carena cannot be able to chew her food correctly as healthy eight years olds do. Carena has had to struggle with the help of her father to learn how to chew food properly, and the task has been a difficult one. Also through many hours of constant practice, she has been slowly learning on how to walk on her own. Talking has also been a daunting task and through a speech therapist and her zeal of determination she has had to slowly grasp little by little on how to speak and formulate her words.

All Carena’s problems began after as an infant contributed by the fact that she had been born when she was only 24 weeks. She had then gone on to be diagnosed for periventricular leukomalacia a disease that is common in children born prematurely. On the other hand, Tony Petrello has had a significantly successful life and career in the oil industry in America. As the Chief Executive officer of Nabors industries one of the largest drilling companies globally, Tony Petrello is a humble man who is much respected.

In addition to this Mr. Patrello is also the COO or the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors. From his busy schedule, Patrello still finds time to participate as a member of Texas Children Hospital Board of Trustees.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – anchoring Brazil firmly on the law.

Brazil has been transforming its legal arena this was started especially by the shift from the mainly Portuguese statutes that were the primary source its laws to now as it becomes a mature democracy that is mostly anchored in its constitution and lately the ability to use precedent when making rulings by any court of law.

It has the capacity to train some of the highest numbers of lawyers primarily due to its large number of law schools.This has, in turn, transformed it to the second only to the United States concerning lawyers with the lawyer accrediting body known as Brazilian Order of Lawyers or in Brazilian as “Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil” or simply OAB stating that there are currently more than 8000 accredited and registered lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is part of this group but has been able to set himself apart by proving to be among the best in law and constitution.He worked his way up at a time when not many would have guessed he would be where he is today.By joining Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados, he cemented his position as a top litigator. In 1991 he became the principal partner at the firm, and this meant that the skills he had acquired during his school days at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado where he earned his Executive in Business Administration would be put to the test.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho soon proved to be a gem for the firm by steering it towards becoming one of the top firms in the federation.This was inspired by his leadership style that led the firm to prioritize departments that were very critical to his clients.This approach earned Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho trust among his peers and clients equally, and soon enough the firm was representing clients that are the movers and shakers of the Brazilian economy.

The ability of the firm and Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho to work with legislators and advice them on legal and constitutional matters has enabled the Brazilian legislator to develop better laws especially ones that are responsible for a friendly business environment.

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Sentient Ascend Improves Upon Results Gained Through A/B Testing

Technology is an ever evolving facet of life in 2017. In all manners and in all things, the role of technology is inescapable. It makes completing tasks and improving efficiency more profound. In the realm of business, digital marketing and ecommerce to be more precise, advancements in technology have resulted in a conversion rate optimization solution designed around artificial intelligence. This breakthrough dwarfs what can currently be done with A/B testing and puts much more power in the hands of online marketers to create designs that are much more effective.


With A/B testing, online marketers are able to test design variations of websites and apps. The data collected from these test provide information on whether the variations made result in increased user engagement and conversions or not. This allows marketers to fine tune their designs to maximize results. Though effective in providing pertinent information, there are limitations to aspects of A/B testing that are eliminated with use of AI technology developed by Sentient Technologies.


The biggest limitation that exists with current A/B testing tools is that it can only examine the effectiveness of design choices one at a time. It also requires a significant amount of traffic to ascertain relevant results. Enter Sentient Ascend, the AI technology that takes the usefulness of A/B testing and improves upon it in every way.


With Ascend, online marketers are able to test numerous design ideas at the same time. The AI is evolved enough to not only determine which singular modifications are providing improved results, but to also realize which combinations of modifications work together best to achieve the best outcomes. In early testing, some users of Ascend are able to check millions of combinations of design ideas all at once. This is possible, because the computational ability of the AI is constantly evolving. The AI reaches the conclusion of which design combinations are statistically best without having to test each combination individually.


The Ascend AI is a much better value for online marketers and gives them a level of flexibility that is much better than that of A/B testing. For one, the testing is completely automated. Marketers are free to put their energy and focus into what designs to try rather than be bogged down by overseeing the test itself. Other positive by-products of how the Ascend AI functions include cost saving and timely solutions. The AI is able to analyze and test on a continual basis while modifying designs to get better results. This real time testing leads to solutions faster than A/B testing tools ever could.

Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries Limited

Tony Petrello began serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited on October 28th, 2011. Before his new role, he was the serving as the company’s president from 1991. In addition, he was also serving as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to 2011. Between 1986 and 199, Mr. Tony Petrello worked for Baker & McKenzie as a managing partner in their office suited in New York. Tony Petrello also served as the chairman of the board of trustee of Nabors industries as from June 2012. He also acted as the Nabors Industries Limited deputy chairman between 2003 and 2012. From 2011, Tony Petrello served as the managing director of Stewart and Stevenson. We forget to mention that he also served as the managing director at Currently, Mr. Petrello sits on the board of directors at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

All these major roles and senior positions he has served so far show that he is a person of high value and possess great potential to the growth and transformation of the organization. Tony Petrello graduated from the Harvard University with a degree in law. Because of his passion for education, he went ahead to enroll at the Yale University where he obtained a master’s degree in mathematics. His professional journey started in 1979. Immediately after graduating from the university, he started working at Baker & McKenzie, a recognized law firm where he able to get experience in legal matters as much as he could do. His overall compensation for the financial year 2015 was more than $27,512,939. From his calculated compensation in the financial year 2015, he earned total bonus of $7,727,000, $16,863,656 as stock and $1,580,077 as salary.

Nabors Industries Limited owns and operates land-based drilling equipment fleet. In addition, the company offers offshore drilling rigs in numerous nations around the globe. Under Tony Petrello leadership, the company has become the world leader in providing innovative technologies, directional drilling services, and performance tools to the largest oil and gas markets worldwide. Mr. Petrello pioneered the changes in Nabors Industries Limited from corporate governance policies to compensation policies. Some of the major changes that he was able to implement include; dividing the role of chairman of the organization and Chief Executive Officer, independence of shareholders to choose individuals with at least five percent shares in the company to sit on the board of trustees, and lowering executive compensation payments to less than three times the salary and executive bonus.

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George Soros’ Involvement in the United States Politics

George Soros is the Founder and CEO of the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in the United States. George Soros has also worked with the company for over four decades to realize the amount of success he has in the world of business and development. [perhaps this is the reason why he is among the most sophisticated business capabilities in the industry. For those who are near George Soros, they say that his thirst for success is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, you will always find him watching the economic trends in the real estate industry working towards better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry and what George Soros knows.

George Soros is also the Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. For over four decades of success betting against major currencies in the world, George Soros has gained more than $24 billion in wealth. In 1979, George Soros decided that he had made enough money to propel him forward in better business and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. This is because he thought he was one of the best business agents in the real estate industry. George Soros is also considered as one of the most successful hedge fund management entities in the industry. When George Soros decided that he had made enough money in his lifetime, he wanted to evict his position as a hedge fund manager for retirement. George Soros decided to found the Open Society Foundations to work for his business solutions in a world where all respect the rule of law and Follow his

George Soros was born in Hungary when the Nazi Occupation was raining heavily on the Jews in Hungary. This was the time when the Hungarian people formed the Nazi Occupation to kill every Jew they found in the country in a manner that depicts better business values. The Nazi Occupation decided to develop a harsh rule over the country. Whenever they could spot a Jew, he was to be killed instantly. However, George Soros secured false identities for his family members so that they could gain better business solutions in a manner that is not depicted in the business world.

George Soros completed his education in the country and fled to the United Kingdom with his family. When they arrived in London, they decided to camp there for a lifetime. George Soros secured a job opportunity at the local railway station working as a waiter at the restaurant. He made more money to pay for his school fees as a finance student at the London School of Business. George Soros also used to money to take care of his family, when he graduated, he secured a voyage to the United States and more information click here.

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Drew Madden Continues To Blaze Trail In Healthcare IT

Drew Griffin is a IT healthcare entrepreneur and president of Nordic Consulting Partners. Madden has a passion for building unique client partnerships and unique company culture. Nordic is one of the world’s largest consulting firms, with numerous global associates.

During his tenure with Nordic Consulting Partners, the company has seen record growth. Annual revenue went from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. The number of employees has grown from 10 to 725 and client partners from 3 to 150. Between 2012 and 2014, the company achieved a #1 KLAS service ranking.

Drew has over a dozen years of experience in managing and optimizing EMR projects. His technical background combined with project management and consulting experience has catapulted Nordic to levels never imagined.

“I am very passionate about what we’re doing here. We collaborate with the best and brightest to tackle complex challenges that often accompanies EMR projects,” said Griffin.

After graduating with an electrical engineering degree from The University of Iowa College of Engineering, he went to work for the Cerner Corporation. He worked there for three years collaborating in the healthcare IT field. He also worked for United Healthcare subsidiary Ingenix.

Madden says that the term “healthcare information technology” is pretty broad. There are actually many facets involved including the ability to analyze, store and share patient information. Healthcare providers are using the IT to better serve the patient. According to Madden, patients can also use the same technology to communicate with doctors and to understand the steps that should be implemented when dealing with their own health.

Drew Madden says that unfortunately, there are many things that are taken for granted in the healthcare field. It is not as simple as people copying and pasting one application into another. He says getting hospitals to communicate with one another will remove many obstacles.

Filepe Montoro Jens Influence On Private Corporations

Felipe Montoro Jens has been in the corporate world for some years. He has earned the reputation of a corporate expert in Brazil due to his broad experience while working as a planner, a controller, a financial officer and a treasurer in various countries. He has an extensive background in several companies as a member of the board. Filepe Montoro Jens is a degree holder from Fundao Getlio Vargas and also undertook his post-graduate studies in international management from The American School of International Management in the United States. In the recent past, he shared his vision on the privately owned corporations in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens’s contributions to the private business will have a tremendous impact on the in Brazil. His proficiency in infrastructure and leadership has led him into collaborating with various organizations to create a better system of reducing waste and improving the core sanitary conditions in the country. He has consistently shown his genuine interest and concern over the state of the Brazilian economy and hold issues sanitation and cleaning up the country by eliminating waste dear to his heart. Felipe Montoro’s professional views on Brazil partnering with the National Bank to achieve social and economic development are highly esteemed.

In conclusion, Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in his rights that has strived to create a significant difference in the world of private corporations in Brazil. He has consistently stayed on course about his aspirations and his vision for the people of Brazil. His leadership qualities are indisputably highly valuable, and his influence on the future of the private corporate will bring positive change in regards to the economy of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens is inarguably one of the most influential people in the Brazilian corporations.

David McDonald Has Taken Over Food Distribution

David McDonald became the President of OSI Group in 2011. His birth in Northeastern Iowa, he was raised on traditional values. That has served him well in life. Here is some more about his start in the business world.

He attended Iowa State University, where he graduated in 1987 with his bachelor’s degree in animal science. He began working towards the new company in Chicago where he eventually became the CEO.

His passion to reuse materials to benefit the place he lived and wanted to raise his family was evident imminently when he began participating in the agricultural area of the state within the university. His goal to create internships within OSI Group has blazed the trail for a future that is ripe for the future to help students even more. This has even expanded to China.

OSI has become the world leader in food maturing today. There is no other company which can claim what they do in food manufacturing today. They are worldwide today and act as one of the leading food providers to the best places in the world.

Expanding with new technology as well now, the services that OSI Group is exploring will revolutionize how we buy food in the future. Not only does this apply to grocers, but to food production as well in restaurants. They offer the following areas of expertise to food production under David McDonald’s supervision.

His philanthropy work is to be commended for sure. He has raised money for his school where he attended college and donates his time whenever he can. Working in this capacity, he has won numerous accolades for his generosity. It has helped him succeed the world over. It’s all part of good business today.

Today he lives with his family and wife Malinda, which has helped him raise their 6 children in Illinois. Working towards a brighter future for all of the people in his hometown area, he will no doubt reach his highest goals. Those goals are incredible as well. If he could, no doubt he would employ everyone that works in food distribution today.

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Michel Terpin – The king of Brazil RallyChampionships

Michel Terpin is a renowned Rally driver in Brazil and around the world. His record as a rally driver speaks for itself. He has trounced many competitors in his entire career, something that has come become a routine rather than luck. His Brother is also another famous rally driver, and they have teamed up several times thrilling their fans endless. Michel motivation in sports can be attributed to the fact that he comes from a sportsmen family. His father is also a renowned basketball player in Brazil.

Michel career in racing kicked off in 2002 when he participated in the Sertoes Rally where he raced with motorcycles before turning to cars. Since then, he has improved his tactics and skills dramatically over the years, winning awards and progressing to several stages. One of his major achievements is when he was able to get an opportunity to participate in the Cross Rally Country Brazilian Championship.

Michel duo performance with brother started in 2015. Michel has been using his T-Rex that was specially modified for him with a V8 engine in every competition. This car has helped him to keep moving even in the roughest terrain. He has continuously gained several podiums and extraordinary classification.

In addition, he has also won even when performing a duo with his brother. Sertoes Rally 24th edition is a good example where he was placed the fifth position in the second edition. Therefore, the duo proved their skills and power in driving their cars during the Sertoes Rally 25-year edition. This is, however not your normal race, as it is considered as one of the longest race in Brazil. Competitors have to complete 3300 km of the road not to mention the kind of terrain they encounter.

Michel is truly a high achiever and a champion of rallies in Brazil’s cross country championships. He has always worked hard and determined to remain at the top. He and his brother have shown how a family can shine together doing what they love most. Michel is an inspiration for young upcoming rally drivers in Brazil. He has vowed to his fans that he will keep on winning.

Lime Crime Releases Pocket Candy Palettes

Anyone who knows anything about Lime Crime beauty products knows that they are bright and make a statement. These beauty products is meant to make any person feel beautiful and be able to express themselves through colors. They have done it again with their new line of Polly Pocket inspired make up. On September 19 they launched their line of Pocket Candy Palettes. The palettes are designed to look exactly like the ones you use to play with as a child, except they open up to reveal eye shadow. There are 3 different palettes colors that reveal 5 different eye shadow colors inside. To give you options, there are 5 colors but there are bright and neutral colors in each palette.

Each Pocket Candy Palette is $34, but you can purchase all three for $90. These prices coincide with their other palette collection, the Venus Palettes. The fact that Doe Deere puts in the effort to make sure that her beauty products are certified vegan and cruelty free makes the price well worth it. Their signature lipsticks start at $12 and have even recently started selling vegan hair dye starting at $16. Each product is designed specifically for any person to make a statement and are priced to allow every person to be able to afford them.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She was inspired by unicorns and that is how she began this company. Doe wants people to get excited and obsess over their products as much as she is obsessed over them. So whether you are looking to color your nails, eyes, lips, or hair you have a relatively inexpensive and bright option. If you want to make a statement to the world then Lime Crime is the company for you to try.