How Fabletics Makes Use Of Customers Reviews

One of the biggest things driving consumer purchases nowadays is the power of the crowd. People read crowd-sourced reviews of products before making a purchasing decision. Successful brands make use of this by building their marketing strategies around these consumer reviews. One of the brands that has been doing exactly this is Fabletics. Fabletics, which was established in 2013, is already earning $235 million in annual revenue and has over 1 million people signed up as members on their retailing website. Executives at Fabletics credit a significant amount of their success is placed on how much they value user reviews and the role it plays at their company.

User reviews play three critical roles for Fabletics. The first is that it helps them sell more clothing to their members. It also helps create brand loyalty when people are able to leave feedback about what they purchased for other customers. Finally, it helps drive customer retention which is critical for a brand that is based on customers coming back often. Fabletics also uses a Lifestyle Quiz to help create a relationship between the brand and the consumer. When a member makes their first purchase they are encouraged to complete this quiz which helps to identify what clothing they find appealing. From then on the member is shown clothing which they will like based on the results of the quiz.

By heavily relying on other customer’s reviews people are essentially crowdsourcing their purchases. One study shows that people put a lot of trust in online reviews. 84% of people now trust an online review as much as they would trust the opinion of a friend on their purchases. Genuine and honest reviews help a company earn more revenue and extend their brand’s reach. They get better search rankings which results in more customers and thus more revenue.

Fabletics was the creation of the actress Kate Hudson. At an event in Beverly Hills, she recently launched her first collaboration with another celebrity. Demi Lovato says she is inspired by Fabletics and wanted to be part of it herself. She appreciates that they offer clothing for all ages, sizes, and shapes of women which isn’t very common in the fashion industry. She helped to design her clothing which is now being offered for sale on the Fabletics website.

Executives at Techstyle Fashion Group saw a business opportunity for affordably priced women’s activewear. They teamed up with Kate Hudson as they knew she was someone that loves to wear activewear all day long. She decided there was a great opportunity presented in selling women’s activewear which was not just fashionable and high-quality but was also affordably priced.

Kate Hudson is heavily involved in Fabletics and does not serve the usual celebrity role of just putting her face on the product. She digs into the sales figures and is heavily involved in what types of clothing they sell on the website. She believes in being authentic to herself and creating an authentic line of women’s clothing.

David Giertz Advises More In Depth Social Security Conversations with Clients

In the video published by the Wall Street Journal called “Speak to Your Clients about Social Security”, Dave Giertz with Nationwide explains why financial advisers need to have a conversation with their clients about their Social Security.


David Giertz believes that financial advisers are often avoiding the Social Security conversations with their clients. This can be problematic in terms of client retention. They found in the DNA Survey that most clients are not getting the information they need about Social Security from their financial advisers. The survey also reveals that four out of five clients will switch advisors if they are not having the discussion about Social Security.


Despite the complexity of the topic, it is important for investors to have the conversation with their clients. The Social Security handbook has 2700 rules that add to the complexity. The advisers need to be confident in their understanding of these rules in order to provide in depth information that is comprehensible for their clients. Often clients will switch financial advisers when they feel they are not getting the information they need. Their retirement planning process could require up to 40% of their income planning. Those who take their Social Security too early, they can lose over $300,000.00


With over 30 years in the financial services industry, David Giertz has learned how to build portfolio growth through processes, innovation, and detailed strategy. He has been the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution. There he was able to deliver profitable revenue to the amount of $6.8 billion in growth. He was the leader of the Private-Sector Retirement plans, Mutual Funds, Independent Brokers, IMOs, and RIAs and more.


David Giertz has passed several exams such as the Municipal Securities Principal, the General Securities Principal Examination, the Uniform Securities Agenet State Law Examination, and the General Securities Representative Examination. He is currently registered with FINRA as a broker-dealer.


How End Citizens United Is Approaching Politics In The Era Of Trump

A frank discussion regarding the state of government in the United States cannot be had without recognizing how much has changed since 2010. What happened in 2010? Well, that was the year that James Bopp and the conservative thinktank Citizens United succeeded in upending America at the highest level of our government. There’s more to the story and definitely more to the resistance so let us dig in.

Before we get to 2010 we have to go back a little bit further to 2008. In 2008 James Bopp appeared before the FEC in order to argue for allowing ‘Hillary: The Movie’ to air via on-demand television services at the same time that the 2008 Democratic Primaries were underway. The goal was simple: to smear Clinton with a 90 minute attack ad that circumvented campaign rules and restrictions. Bopp knew what he was doing. Still, the lawyer failed in this undertaking but he would return in 2010 for the pivotal case we cited in our introduction.

Citizens United is a conservative group that asked the government, essentially, to stop putting so many rules on how much money billionaires and special interests could flood into the government. For a wonder the Supreme Court relented. This directly resulted in untold billions of dollars over the past eight years flooding into the American government. The government no longer works for the people. It works for the billions that flood into the pockets of politicians around the country.

Fortunately all is not lost and fortunately people are starting to realize that there is a path to resistance. End Citizens United was established with the sole goal of undoing the 2010 Supreme Court decision. There have been many political action groups created since 2010 but none of them have come as close to being as effective as End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is spearheaded by Tiffany Muller but backed by the entire Democratic party. Still, despite being founded by progressives the benefits that End Citizens United could bring would help everyone in the country and, by proxy, the rest of the world. End Citizens United wants to put power back into the hands of every day Americans who go to the voting booths in order to make their voice heard. End Citizens United doesn’t believe that billion dollar corporations should be able to buy their own personal politicians.

In order for End Citizens United to find success they will have to endorse and help elect progressive officials who believe in stripping the Citizens United decision. As a result, End Citizens United has been working hard to raise funds in order to back politicians. They’ve already raised $4 million of their $35 million goal and the year is just beginning.

Alexandre Gama Provides High Quality Marketing And Advertising Services

If you want to let your potential customers know about your business or your offers, you have to advertise. It is imperative to enlist the services of a renowned advertising agency or professional.

Alexandre Gama is one of the most reputable Brazilian advertising consultants. Alexandre Gama is well versed in marketing and business promotions and is passionate about creating successful campaigns for business owners, establishments and organizations. He has the talent and resources to get you the exposure you need for success.

As your business grows, partnering with an experienced ad agency or consultant often becomes a necessary step. A reputable consultant will target your audience through a variety of media to increase exposure and boost sales.

Alexandre Gama has been rendering top notch services to many different enterprises and business owners for years and comes highly recommended in Brazil. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and are delighted with the services he provided to them.

Effective advertising is essential for business success, and Alexandre Gama is ready to help you create awareness about your business and products. He will create and set up your advertising campaign, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business. He will even handle the monitoring and tracking to ensure satisfactory performance.

If you do not reach your potential customers with your advertising message, you will have a difficult time reaching your goal. That’s why you need to contact Alexandre Gama right away to discuss your project.

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Agora Financial: Giving Out The Secrets To Good Investment Opportunities

Agora Financial is a company that is dedicated to spreading the word of finance through the numerous publications and mediums that they have. Their content deals with topics related to investments, future plans, and also aspects of the stock market. The company was established in order to educate the people about the world of finance in a way that does not seem too complicated, while at the same time giving them investment advice to help them increase their financial wealth. One of the unique things about this is that they offer their audience alternative financing options that others don’t commonly know about.




In most cases, the best time to invest into a company is when the enterprise is in its infancy and is just beginning to grow. People who bought shares of popular companies like Facebook before it made it big are reaping big profits right now. However, if one goes to invest into big business after they have made it, the return on investment is not that high. However, getting to know the companies that one should invest in is no easy task, let alone predicting their outcome and whether or not they will make it in the industry. That’s where Agora Financial comes in. They offer their audiences the investment advice that would help them invest in those companies that are still in its initial stages so that they can benefit from them immensely in the future.




Agora Financial offers their investment advice on a number of platforms so that their audiences can learn on a platform that they are comfortable with. The company regularly puts out YouTube videos, newsletter, online seminars and a lot more. Through all these mediums, their audiences have grown immensely, which is what has led them to become the notable name that they are today.

Michael Lacey the Great Mathematician

Michael Lacey was born on 26th September 2015. He is a very famous American mathematician with a Doctors in Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the Illinois University.

The university is located at Urbana-Champaign and Michael Lacey graduated in 1987. The ceremony was directed by Walter Philipp. Lacey wrote a thesis that touched on the areas of probability in Banach spaces.

He was an expert in solving iterated logarithms that focused on empirical functions. Some of the areas he has touched as a great mathematician are, ergodic theory, probability, and harmonic analysis. He is a real expert and can only be described as a person who has no replacement. He has a mastery of the key mathematical formulae.

Michael Lacey, as a great scholar, has his first post doctoral assignment at the University of Louisiana State and the North Carolina University. At North Carolina University, he used to stay at Chapel Hill.

This is where he proved that he had what it is that is required in the mathematics field to be named an achiever. He has so far developed distinct expertise in the central limit theorem.

Mike Lacey also worked at the University of Indiana between years 1989 to 1996. He worked hard until he was honored with National Science Postdoctoral Fellowship. This is during this period where he began to study bilinear Hilbert transform.

This made them receive a great award called Salem Price in 1996. He has continuously achieved in all his maths life endeavors.

He has worked as a mathematics professor since 1996 at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has proved to be the best probability expert in the whole world. He was also honored with Guggenheim Fellowship award in 2004.

This was in conjunction with Xiaochun Li. Michael has of late grew to even greater heights and in 2012, he joined the American Mathematical Society. He is a man worth all the respect when it comes to real mathematics issues.

Madison Street Capital Helps Sterling Packaging Organize a Growth Equity Facility

Madison Street Capital, a global firm that majors in investment banking, helped Sterling Packaging secure a growth equity investment. MSC acted as the elite financial advisor in the transaction. Sterling Packaging is a top folding cartons manufacturer that supplies the US and Canada markets. It operates in Selkirk, Manitoba and has expanded to Monroeville, Alabama. Druid Capital Partners were the providers of the equity facility. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, made the announcement regarding the transaction that was headed by Jay Rodgers, the senior managing director of MSC. Learn more:


Jay Rodgers heaped praises on Sterling Packaging and its founders (Jim and Debbie Hickson) for developing a superior business empire with great product offering. He added that Sterling Packaging customers will be able to get more from the company’s expansion plans thanks to the financial backing it got from Druid Capital Partners. Jay Rodgers expressed his pleasure for having played an important part in the whole transaction.

On the part of Druid Capital Partners, Martin Holt, the managing partner stated that he was excited with the news that Hickson would be their new partner. He heaped praises on Jim and Debbie for being great entrepreneurs who had been able to instill a great value system in both their children and the company. He gave an example of the great leadership roles played by Colin and Kelly. He summed up by expressing his delight to working together with Sterling Packaging while at the same time lauding the efforts of Madison Street Capital in the successful transaction. Learn more:

About Madison Street Capital

After helping a number of clients operating in diverse industries, Madison Street Capital appreciates the fact that its client needs are unique and therefore require precise recommendations as well as careful analysis. The company was founded in 2005 and offers to its clientele diverse financial services that include business valuation, corporate advisory, financial reporting valuation and offering financial opinions for companies operating in the mid-market. MSC strives hard to offer its clients the best advice when it comes to mergers and acquisitions and establishing the true value of a company. This is important as it helps companies get a clear picture of the company’s present and future prospects. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital has offices in Africa, Asia and North America. It is a top provider of M&A advisory services and valuation services. The company has earned great respect in its industry and its experience, knowledge and great relationships results in a high Madison Street Capital reputation. It is highly reputed for offering the best financial advisory services to middle markets.


Larkin & Lacey

Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal was founded in 1973. It’s mission is to secure rights and equality for gay men, lesbians, those affected with HIV, transgender people and bisexuals. It is the oldest organization in America that works for these plights. Lambda Legal supports their cause by doing public policy work, litigation and educating people.

Because they are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Lambda depends upon the generous contributions of supporters. It does not charge legal fees to people who it represents, and it is not funded by the government.

There are many landmark cases that Lambda Legal has taken part in. For example, in 1977, in the case of Matter of V., Lambda Legal helped a lesbian woman retain custody of her foster children. They also had a role in the case of People vs Onofre where the law making sodomy illegal in New York State was struck down.

In 1988, they took part in Doe vs Centinela Hospital—one of many cases where it was ruled that refusing to treat a person because of HIV status fell under the umbrella of disability discrimination. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign is a civil rights organization that advocates for the equality of people in America who are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and queer. Human Rights Campaign was founded in 1980 by a man named Steve Endean. The organization started off funding politicians who supported the cause of LGBTQ people. However, the range of activities that Human Rights Campaign fanned out into other things, such as educational programs and communications to the public via social media.

Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council is an organization that was founded to support parents who are queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender. There are currently about three million members, and the organization has been operating for over 30 years.

This organization was founded due to the fact that LGBTQ people have historically been given less respect than straight, cis-gender parents. The purpose of this organization is to encourage more respectful attitudes towards parents who happen to be LGBTQ.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

This organization came out of settlement money that was won from a court case that involved the rights of Jim and Michael being impeded upon. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund gives monetary, as well as moral, support to organizations that support civil rights causes.

One of the organizations that the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund supports is called Trans Queer Pueblo. Trans Queer Pueblo focuses on the cause of LGBTQ people, especially those who are colored.

Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a premier investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has been in existence for over two decades and ranks among the top investment firms when it comes to providing comprehensive financial services. Its main specialty is debt and credit based securities. As well as offering things such as collateralized loan obligations, the firm also provides other services such as wealth management, hedge funds, private equity securities and also investment capital management for companies. Highland Capital Management assists a diverse range of clients such as individuals, corporations, pension fund investors and also government entities. With its many years of experience, Highland Capital Management is one of the most trusted financial service firms in the world.

The origins of the firm date back to the year 1990 when Mark Okada and James Dondero co founded the firm. When it was first founded, it was a company that specialized in life insurance. As a leading life insurance company, the firm would quickly establish itself as a trusted company in this area of financial services. While the firm was quite successful during its first few years, the founders wanted to expand the firm’s offerings of products and services. As a result, the firm would begin its expansion in 1993 when it first began offering services such as capital management. Eventually, the firm would begin offering other things such as hedge funds, equity securities and asset management for individual investors. By the end of the 1990’s decade, the firm would name itself Highland Capital Management.

One of the reasons why Highland Capital Management is a top investment firm is because of the many ways in which it can help its clients. The firm often assists major corporations that are looking to invest in things such as hedge funds and private equity securities. The firm also helps corporations manage debt and credit based securities as well. Highland Capital Management provides assistance to government entities that are looking to manage large sums of capital as well. This firm helps individual investors by providing financial advisory and wealth management. It often assists clients that are pension fund investors and high net worth individuals.

George Soros’ Attempts to Retain the Democratic Values and His Thoughts

George Soros, an investor billionaire and philanthropist, is known for his attempts to retain the democratic values not only in the home country, the U.S. but across the world. It was quite evidenced when he tried to stop the President Donald Trump in the Presidential election 2016 by supporting Hillary Clinton. Soros felt that the divisive speeches of Donald Trump clubbed with the lack of clarity in major policies making him not fit for the job. The environment of fear created by Trump forced Soros to call him “doing the job of ISIS.”

Due to that reason, he went on a spent spree in the election and reportedly donated more than $25 million for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the first time after a decade, Soros was significantly contributing in elections – in 2004, he contributed $27 million to defeat the then President George W. Bush. Soros contributed large sums to Hillary supporting groups and PACs, and that provided a significant financial edge for her in the election against Trump. Soros donated $7 million to one of the largest Super PACs backing Clinton named Priorities USA Action. Soros also gave away $2 million to another PAC named American Bridge 21st Century that is working to resist all the Republican candidates including Trump. Read this story about George at

Immigrant Voters Win, a PAC working for increased turnout from Hispanic voters in critical swing states, received $5 million from Soros. He donated another $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, a group working to resist the conservative attempts to restrict voting. It is also revealed that Soros donated $2 million to America Votes, a voter mobilization group. Soros also contributed $1.5 million each to Planned Parenthood Votes – a PAC supports candidates who are backing abortion rights – and Senate Majority PAC – a PAC working for the victory of Democratic Senate candidates.

Read more:

While coming to his thoughts on capitalism, Soros says that it is endangering the democratic and open society largely. Though he earned billions from financial markets, Soros admits that the biggest threat to open society in today’s world is capitalism. He felt that both communism and Nazism are totalitarian concepts that do not support any free thinking and resist open societies. Due to that reason, Soros founded Open Societies in 1979 to spread the concept of open societies to make a total transformation in various societies.

Soros tried to intervene in many countries including South Africa, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, China, the Soviet Union, and more, in the initial years. He could significantly transform many of those societies and make political changes in some of them. George Soros feels that open societies can also be threatened by even excessive individualism or capitalism. He says that too much competition added with very little cooperation can create inequities and instability in the society. Read more at The New York Times about George.