Chris Burch: A Man Of Many Successes

Chris Burch is someone who has experienced a lot of successes in his life. For one thing, he is always on the move. He is one of the people who goes from one success as another. This is one of the freedoms of being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he is also an investor. Therefore, he shows that he has a lot of skills when it comes to money management. This is one of the reasons that he is worth listening to when it comes to things he has to say. Chris Burch uses a lot of insight to get his points across.


Another thing that could be said for Chris Burch is that he is very observant. For one thing, he looks at things and sees certain things that other people miss. For one thing, he is all about collaboration. Among the different types of collaboration that he sees is that collaboration between technology and fashion. Fashion is something that is very fascinating. For one thing, it takes clothing from something that is merely used for protection and making it into something that is very pleasing to the eyes. Fashion is also a way that people could improve their feelings about themselves.


Chris Burch is also someone who looks forward and sees a lot of great advancements that will occur because of the collaboration and use of technology with fashion. Among the inventions that technology has used which has brought forth a lot of advantages is corrective lens. People who have been going blind have got to experience the benefits of wearing eyeglasses. Other forms of fashion that people have used before was the boombox. Even though people did not wear it, they often walked down the street with the musical device. Headphones and earbuds are also some great items of fashion infused technology. For one thing, it allows people to listen to music.

Advantages to Taking Out a Stock-Secured Loan

The current credit markets make it very difficult for the average person to receive a low-cost personal loan. In many cases, banks are not willing to give personal consumer loans to someone that has less than a perfect credit score. While getting an unsecured loan from a bank may be difficult to obtain, a better option would be to get a loan through a specialty finance company by using a stock portfolio as collateral.

One of the largest providers of stock-secured loans in the world is Equities First. Equities first specializes in preparing and providing personal loans that are secured by a stock portfolio. When providing a loan, Equities First will be able to review your stock portfolio and take an assignment of the portfolio. In the event that the loan is not paid back, the company will have the ability to liquidate the portfolio. Having this liquid asset as collateral will provide a significant amount of security to the company, which will allow them to offer reduced rates.

Overall, the company targets providing loans to people that are high net worth individuals that are in need of liquid capital, but do not want to sell their stock portfolio. While most of the company’s clients are high net worth individuals, they also provide similar loans to the average consumer and small businesses as well.

There are several situations where a person would be better off taking out a loan from the company as opposed to selling their stock. The one situation is when it comes to tax and estate planning.

In these cases, it would be better off holding the stock for a longer period of time and waiting to sell until your tax liability would decline. Other consumers choose to hold on to the stock for a longer period of time due to their investment strategy. If they believe that the stock will continue to appreciate in value, most would prefer to take out a loan as opposed to selling.

Thor Halvorssen Explains How Governments Become Evil To Fox News Anchor

I saw this completely hilarious video the other day. Of course, it was Fox News messing up yeat again. It had to do with the old Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. They did this instance spot on the Vermont Senator, calling his policies a violation of human rights. Can you believe that? Bernie Sanders violating human rights? It’s insane.

Well, to drive their point home, they brought this guy named Thor Halvorssen onto the show. He’s apparently this big wig in the human rights advocacy world. In fact, the 39-year-old founded a group out of New York City called the Human Rights Foundation.

These guys go around the world to advocate for human rights, transparency in government, and they try to topple unilateral dictators, which I thought was cool.

The Fox News lady comes in swinging, asking Thor Halvorssen why Bernie Sander’s policies, and socialism in general, is a violation of human rights. Thor looks shocked for just a second. Then the human rights advocate continues to school the Fox News anchor to my delight.

He begins by saying that they need to qualify what they are talking about. He says that socialism is a form od government and is not evil in and of itself. Socialism is a like a tool that you can use for good or bad, like a knife. When governments do not have separation of powers, or checks and balances, they are ripe for evil. It doesn’t matter what form of government they employ.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen even hit the Fox News anchor with several examples of good socialist and labor governments. These included Denmark, Finland, and Norway. All of these countries have the right mechanisms in place to stop unilateral power from taking control. Unilateral power, when one person can make decisions without the rest of the government’s input, is the very thing that leads to human rights abuses.

Then he drops the bomb — Thor Halvorssen donated to the Sanders campaign. Man, did Fox News blow it. The look on the lady’s face is priceless. She screams, “Why?”

As it turns out, Sanders was the only politician on either side of the aisle that didn’t have anything to do with human rights abuses. Thor should know, he founded the Human Rights Foundation.

It’ll be interesting to see what he thinks of a Trump Presidency. He’s a really smart guy and that will be interesting to see in the future. Hopefully he expresses his opinion on Fox News.

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Adam Goldenberg’s Evolution in Entrepreneurial Businesses

Be passionate about what you do, have a great product and, maybe most important, surround yourself with a phenomenal team is a quote by the start-up entrepreneur, Adam Goldenberg. Adam began his career as the founder of Mitzvah money. In 1994, he set up the online announcement platform before turning it into a gaming portal two years later. The new site, Gamers Alliance, was acquired by Brett Brewer, the president of Intermix, in 1997.Brett then hired Adam and promoted him to be the COO of Intermix while he was 19 years old. Adam holds the record of the youngest COO working for a public firm in history.

Brett then bought, a company owned by Don Ressler. In 2005, News Corp acquired Intermix, prompting Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to round up their previous team at and create Intelligent Beauty. The first brand under the new firm was DERMSTORE, an online skincare, and cosmetics shop. They then launched a weight loss program in collaboration with Dr. Alan Hirsch and Brett Brewer. They new brand, SENSA added to the high profits collected from Intelligent Beauty’s ventures.

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In 2008, the firm received funds from Technology Crossover Ventures, $43 million in the total count.

In 2010, Intelligent Beauty expanded its ventures by creating JustFab. The enterprise’s growth is the result of support by a $33 million funding from Matrix Partners and Kimora Lee’s leadership as the creative director.

By April of 2012, JustFab had a subscription of six million members. In June of 2012, the brand accepted additional funds from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Ventures and Intelligent Beauty, amounting to $76 million in total. In January 2013, JustFab added FabShoes as its subsidiary company. It then set up Fabletics in October 2013 with the use of a series C funding round. In August 2013, JustFab bought ShoeDazzle. Fabletics increased its capital to $250 million with funds raised by Passport Opportunity Fund, Matrix Partners, Shining Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures.

Recently, JustFab rebranded their company with a name change. The new name, ‘TechStyle Fashion Group’ is a reflection of their beginnings in the tech industry and evolution to acquiring 4 million VIP members in all their four online companies. Adam Goldenberg recently discussed the name change on CNBC. He commented that the new identity marks the incorporation of fashion with Silicon Valley. In 2014, JustFab entered the $1 billion club, making it a unicorn. Adam commented that the company and its employees are humbled to have earned the status and continue to dedicate their lives to growing the company, daily.

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