Talk Fusion Launches Destination: Milan

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that helps businesses rise amidst stiff competition, and improve sales, profits, and customer retention capacities. The firm engages customers through various dynamic platforms for a more memorable and persuasive experience.


Talk Fusion embraces direct sales methodology to reach out to their clients. Their independent associates in over 140 countries market the product across the globe. A free 30-day trial for the all-in-one video marketing solution can also be accessed through the company’s website:


Talk Fusion launches luxury vacation incentive to Milan, Italy


On Monday, November 7, 2016, Talk Fusion announced the new incentive for its independent associates. The announcement was made on a live broadcast through a companywide video link. The new trip, dubbed “Destination: Milan”, is scheduled for December 2017, and aims to motivate the independent associates establishing partnerships with the firm over the coming year.


Speaking during the launch, Talk Fusion Founder and CEO Bob Reina described the initiative as a long-term commitment to offering the clients and independent associates the best-of-the-best. The firm is dedicated to providing world-class products and unraveled business opportunities across the globe. Destination: Milan is just a testament to that.


Why Milan, Italy?


Milan is among the world’s premier fashion capitals known for its high-end shopping, sightseeing excursions, and savory Italian cuisine. The City is rich in history and culture and promises to offer qualified associates and their spouse wonderful experiences. The initiative provides airfare and hotel accommodation in a first class hotel.


Destination: Milan is an addition to the company’s impressive lineup of incentives that include fully-purchased Mercedes-Benz, diamond recognition rings, Rolex watches, and free vacations to Orlando, Maui, Hawaii, Dubai, and Tampa. The vacations are scheduled from December 1st – 4th of this year.


The trip is open to the current and future associates that take part in the Instant Pay Compensation Plan running over 140 nations. The associates earn their supplemental income by sharing Talk Fusions all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. Those who achieved at least a rank of “Diamond” by October 29th, 2017 qualified.


Investment Banks Help Companies Raise Capital


Are you a beginning investor or an experienced investor? Want to get into the investment banking field but don’t know how to start? Perhaps you are looking for a reputable advisor or investment banking firm to help you. When it comes to choosing a reliable investment banking advisor, look no further than Martin Lustgarten – founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm.

An investment bank is not like the local financial institution you are used to dealing with to secure a loan or deposit money. Instead, an investment bank is a type of financial institution that is associated with high finance by providing help and guidance to companies that need to access the capital markets, for instance, stock market and bond market, to raise capital for expansion or other projects.

The investment bank acts as the “middle man” during the transaction, distributing the bond issue to clients or customers, ensuring the transaction goes smoothly.

There are many firms and professionals out there providing investment banking services to clients. It is imperative that you research and find a firm that has an established history of rendering satisfactory service. You can start by using reliable Internet resources, or talk to others who have had dealings with investment banking firms.

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Martin handles a vast range of financial and investment projects including all aspects of complex structured financing transactions and capital raising tasks involving high net worth individuals and major corporations. He has great expertise in preparation of documentation, sourcing and liaising with investors, devising systems and procedures and management of regulatory issues.

Desiree Perez And Her Position In The Samsung Tidal Negotiations


Samsung is a leading electronics manufacturer and recently they have sought to expand their market and services to other areas like music and online subscription services. This resolve has been highlighted in their negotiations with Jay Z to acquire Tidal, an established subscription service that offers members the privilege to enjoy high-quality music.


The current negotiations are a continuation of their previous bid that they placed on the company with an intention of taking over management and owning part or whole of it. Key in the deal is Jay Z and more importantly Desiree Perez, who has advised the way the company should be run and her input in setting up Tidal cannot be overlooked especially during huge decisions as this.


A lot has been said and there is news that Samsung is likely to have paid a check to Kanye West for being part in The Life of Pablo, a highly anticipated show, cites I.B Bad, a HITS insider. The re-emergence of Samsung shows they are working to release something big in the market and they are willing to invest largely in reviving Tidal, which has been hit by a wave of challenges since Rihanna and Beyonce left.


The company seems to have a strategy that will make the process easier and a success and they have professionals to handle the hurdles that are currently ailing Tidal.

Her ideas since the company was incepted have contributed in one way or the other towards the growth of Tidal. Jay Z is confident that despite all the previous events that brought about the challenges ailing Tidal today the company still stands a chance to re-emerge stronger. He argues that the challenges the company is facing have at some point forced him to reach his pocket to settle claims in royalties. This, therefore, shows that Tidal needs to be placed in new hands if not an entirely new team.


About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a long time confidant and close associate to Jay Z and they have struck great deals together for the period they have known each other. She also happens to be a key person in the establishment and management of Tidal, so she controls a lot of the events that occur within the premises of the company.


One of the things that make Desiree Perez to stand out is the fact she has powerful negotiation skills and her knowledge about the music industry is vast. With such qualities, she is set to offer useful support that will promise a good deal for Tidal.